Final Edit of Hoeckner's "Lohengrin" chapter completed 4/26

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Final Edit of Hoeckner's "Lohengrin" chapter completed 4/26

Postby alberich00 » Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:09 am

Dear Members of, and Visitors to, the discussion forum:

I've now completed what I hope is the final edit of my 13-part comparison of Berthold Hoeckner's chapter on "Lohengrin" from his 8/94 Dissertation (towards his PhD in Musicology at Cornell Univ.) and my 8/93 version (submitted for review to Barry Millington and Stewart Spencer in 8/93, and copyrighted at the Library of Congress on 1/14/94) of my paper "How Elsa Showed Wagner the Way to Siegfried," the final revision of which Stewart Spencer published in the 5/95 issue of WAGNER, the scholarly journal of The Wagner Society (London). This journal is no longer being published, but my transcript of this paper can be found here in this discussion forum in three parts.

I wish to thank the good and wise Feuerzauber for photographing this chapter from a copy of Hoeckner's dissertation at the Ballieu Library at the Univ. of Melbourne (Australia), as otherwise it would have been difficult for me to access this chapter.

Having completed this extensive comparative review of our two papers, in honor of the 2nd anniversary of the discussion forum, and of the bicentennial of Wagner's birth on 5/22/1813, I am now free to read and post my review of selected lectures from the Wagner Worldwide 2013 symposium which was held at the Univ. of South Carolina in late January and early February of 2013. I am slowly working my way back towards the completion of a briefer, more accessible and publishable version of my online book about Wagner's "Ring" (the centerpiece of, "The Wound That Will Never Heal." Family health problems forced me to back away from serious work on this long-term project during the past year, but I hope to return to it with renewed vigor soon.

I look forward to an exciting season of debate and discussion on our discussion forum.

Your friend from Wagnerheim,

Paul Heise alias alberich00
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