Wagnerheim.com had its 100,000th unique visitor

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Wagnerheim.com had its 100,000th unique visitor

Postby alberich00 » Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:46 am

Dear members of (and visitors to) the wagnerheim.com discussion forum:

Our members and visitors may be interested to hear that sometime or other back in December, 2014, www.wagnerheim.com had its 100,000th unique visitor. I presume this means that pretty much everyone on the entire planet who has an even infinitesimally small interest in this subject, and who seeks information about it online, has by now visited wagnerheim.com, and perhaps even taken a peak at our discussion forum. Perhaps, as I re-engage here in this forum with greater regularity and intensity, we can capture a part of this new audience for our discussions and debates, and really strike out into some new territory.

I bring this to your attention because my Wagner-dedicated brain cells and nerves are gearing up again, for the first time since early in 2011, to re-launch my campaign to complete my rewrite of my online "Ring" book for purposes of publication in hardcopy, and then to move on to complete a second volume on Wagner's six other canonical artworks, from "The Flying Dutchman" through "Parsifal."

To this end (i.e., in order to prime my brain cells and nerves for the endeavor), I'm now reading the 2013 book "The Wagner Experience" by Paul Dawson-Bolling. Upon its completion I'll post my usual sort of rambling review in our discussion forum. I'm curious to see what he has to say about our 10 canonical operas and music-dramas, and of course in responding to his views I will re-awake my own.

For the indefinite future, I seem to have landed on my two feet with a hopefully permanent platform from which to fight the good fight, so here we go.

Your friend from Wagnerheim,

Paul alias Alberich00
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