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the organic form of life in the human shape, then earthly nature already must have filled out and exhausted the entire realm of stages of possible forms of life, must have accomplished and brought to a close its entire essence through the developmental series of the different lower and higher kinds and forms of life.” [7F-TDI: p. 72]


[8F-TDI: p. 73]

“Nature has terminated and ended, and with its death, there arises over it a new world, the spirit.” [8F-TDI: p. 73]


[9F-TDI: p. 78]

“The birth of one being is another’s death. The drive of self-preservation in nature is also a drive to destruction. … how unfortunate existence and life are for a single being, which cannot exist without opposing and contradicting another being, or how miserably limited and conditioned life is because it can continue only with the limitation and condition that it is a contradiction. … it therefore seems as if it might be … a misfortune to live, to be a living, single being, an individual…. this condition, that life can continue only as contradiction, that every living thing has its mortal enemy, manifests a limit and the finitude of life itself.” [9F-TDI: p. 78]


[10F-TDI: p. 79]

“If the state, and thus world-history – for the origin of the state is the origin of world-history – if language, and thus reason, originated by contract, then why shouldn’t death be a product of community, of a contract, of human society, why shouldn’t death, too, have its ground in thecontrat social?” [10F-TDI: p. 79]


[11F-TDI: p. 86]

“… if you imagine that natural life … has its ground outside of itself, … you strike life dead.” [11F-TDI: p. 86]


[12F-TDI: p. 86]

“… will and consciousness (taken in their commonly used meanings) produce only mechanical results. But much more than will and analytical consciousness are needed for the production of living reality, or even for the works of genuine art and science; Spirit and genius are needed for them. (…) The artistic genius does not produce out of understanding, will, and consciousness, but out of the fullness of his soul, in which he is one with his productions … . Thus the works of genuine art are not mere works; they possess their grounds in themselves; they are therefore spiritual, inspired works. Nature is ground and principle of itself, … it exists out of necessity … .” [12F-TDI: p. 86]




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