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The Ring of the Nibelung
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[13F-TDI: p. 86-87]

[P. 86] “[“The stars”] … are the golden youth and morning dreams of nature … . They are the fabulous and mythical Orient in nature, its paradise; they are the first pure beings; they [P. 87] are … totally self-identical in their innocence; they have not yet been split into body and soul, into a subjective experiencing nature and an experienced objective nature, which is an act of separation and of becoming conscious, of articulation and distinction, that takes place only on earth.” [13F-TDI: p. 86-87]


[14F-TDI: p. 112]

“Conscious Spirit has arisen, this universal, self-beholding light has broken forth out of the break and division in nature’s simple unity with itself.” [14F-TDI: p. 112]


[15F-TDI: p. 116]

“… consciousness is everyone’s knowledge of one another taken together as one knowledge.” [15F-TDI: p. 116]


[16F-TDI: p. 123]

“Honor, greed, and such are passions, are terribly destructive conditions that border on madness, are diseases, precisely because the human does indeed surrender himself, but he does so to things that cannot include the human self. (…) … the miser … is poor in wealth, is empty in abundance. In this way passion, as a disordered condition, is perverted into the desire to devour the object instead of the desire to let oneself be consumed and devoured by the object.” [16F-TDI: p. 123]


[17F-TDI: p. 125]

“The free act of humanity must exist simultaneously as necessity in nature. The spiritual surrender of the self must also be a natural, physical surrender, … must be willed and established, not by your own intentional, self-conscious will, but by the universal will in your will. Natural death is thus the ultimate sacrifice of reconciliation, the ultimate verification of love.” [17F-TDI: p. 125]


[18F-TDI: p. 126]

“… your morality is the most immoral, the most pitiable, the most vain, and the most futile morality in the world if it derives from the belief in immortality … .” [18F-TDI: p. 126]


[19F-TDI: p. 132]

“The destiny of the individual is his sacred, inviolable essence, is the drive of all drives, … the principle of his life, … the inner necessity, the provident fate of his existence.” [19F-TDI: p. 132]


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