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The Rhinegold: Page 223
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Alberich: Do you think that I’m lying and boasting like Loge?


Loge: Till I’ve proved it myself, dwarf, I doubt in your word.


Alberich: (#41:) The fool’s fit to burst, he’s so swollen with cunning (:#41): may envy [“Neid”] torment you! Decide in what shape I’m to stand here before you.


Loge: In whatever you will: only strike me dumb with amazement!


Alberich: (putting on the helmet: #43?:) ‘Giant dragon, wind in coils (:#43?)!’ (He immediately disappears and in his place an enormous giant serpent writhes on the ground; it rears up and snaps at Wotan and Loge: [[ #48 ]])


[Loge feigns fear of the dragon.]


Wotan: (#48:) Hahaha! Hahaha! Good, Alberich! good, you rogue! How quickly the dwarf grew into a giant dragon (:#48)!


(Alberich reappears in his own shape)


Alberich: Hihi! You know-alls, do you believe me now?


Loge: (with a quavering voice:) My trembling may prove it to you. you turned yourself swiftly into a giant serpent: since I saw it myself. ((#@: b) = #20a modulation?/#33b:) I’m willing to believe the wonder. But, just as you grew, can you also make yourself tiny and small (: (#@: b) = #20a modulation?/#33b)? That would seem the cleverest way of cunningly fleeing from danger … ! (…)


Alberich: How small shall I be? (#33b)

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