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The Valkyrie: Page 335
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[V.2.1: G]

Fricka, cashing in on the categorical triumph of her argument over Wotan’s ineffective responses, now forces Wotan to abandon Siegmund because he is a threat to the gods’ rule, even though Wotan knows what Fricka can’t afford to, that without a hero like Siegmund, freed from the gods’ authority, the gods are predestined to destruction anyway:

(Wotan starts up with a gesture of anger: #79 or #80?; Fricka becomes ever more confident as she observes the impression she has made on Wotan; #81)


Fricka: No nobleman battles with bondsmen; the freeman alone chastises the felon: against your might I might well wage war: but Siegmund was destined to be my slave. (another violent gesture on Wotan’s part, after which he sinks into a feeling of powerlessness.) (#79 or #80?:) Should he who, as bondsman and vassal, obeys you, his lord, bend your own eternal wife to his will (:#79 or #80?)? Is the basest of men to heap shame on my head, a goad to the brazen and butt of the free? My husband cannot want such a thing, he’d not profane the goddess so. (#81?).


Wotan: (somberly: #81) What do you demand of me?


Fricka: Abandon the Waelsung! (#81)


Wotan: (with muffled voice) (#81:) He’ll go his own way (:#81).


Fricka: But you – don’t protect him when the avenger calls him to battle.

Wotan: (#81) I’ll not protect him.


Fricka: (more animatedly) Look me straight in the eye and don’t think to deceive me. turn the Valkyrie from him, too.


Wotan: (#21 vari or frag?:) Let the Valkyrie choose for herself (:#21 vari or frag).


Fricka: No, no! For it’s your will alone she carries out: (#81:) forbid her Siegmund’s victory (:#81)! (#81)

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