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The Valkyrie: Page 402
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Bruennhilde: (#20a?:) the Lord of the Slain has chosen you – to him do I lead you now (:#20a?): (#20a) you’ll follow me to Valhalla. (#20a)


Siegmund: (#88) in Valhalla’s hall shall I find the Lord of the Slain [“Walvater”] alone?


Bruennhilde: (#20a?) The noble host of fallen heroes welcomes you fondly with greeting most holy. (#77)


Siegmund: (#88) Might I find my own father, Waelse, in Valhalla?


Bruennhilde: (#20a?) The Waelsung will find his own father there.


Siegmund: (#88) Will a woman greet me gladly in Valhalla?


Bruennhilde: (#24:; #77:) There wish-maidens hold sublime sway: Wotan’s daughter will lovingly hand you your drink (:#24; :#77).


Siegmund: Awesome you are, and Wotan’s child (#20a?) I behold with holy wonder: but tell me one thing, immortal! (#88:) Will the sister-bride go with her brother? Will Siegmund embrace Sieglinde there (:#88)?


Bruennhilde: Earthly air she must breathe awhile: Siegmund will not see Sieglinde there!


Siegmund: (bending gently over Sieglinde, kissing her softly on the brow and turning calmly to Bruennhilde once more. #64?) Then greet for me Valhalla (#20a?), greet for me Wotan (#20a?), greet for me Waelse, and all the heroes (#20a) – greet, too, Wotan’s (#24) gracious daughters: (very emphatically: #87) to them I follow you not. (#87; [[ #89 ]])

Fate, in the context of the Ring, is the natural law which Erda’s daughters the Norns spin into their rope of fate in accordance with Erda’s knowledge, and the natural course of events bound by this ur-law, which may be described loosely as causation (no effect without a cause), or at any rate the lawfulness and coherence of nature. While Cooke does not find any specific musical links between #87 and any other motif, #88 evidently is in that family of heroic motifs stemming from the last

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