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The Valkyrie: Page 414
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which it might have ever kept itself in health and freshness; and this fount was the free, the self-determining Individual. Moreover, in its utmost palsy, Society has only had morality brought back to it, i.e. the truly human morality, by the Individual; by the Individual who, of the instinctive thrust of Nature’s necessity, has lifted up his hand against and morally annulled it.” [505W-{50-1/51} Opera and Drama: PW Vol. II, p. 187-188]

And of course, not Siegmund, but his son (and Wotan’s grandson) Siegfried, will one day destroy Wotan’s power by cutting his spear in two with Siegmund’s sword Nothung, which Siegfried has re-forged, thereby carrying this tale full-circle.

[V.2.5: B]

Bruennhilde, quickly appraising the situation, makes effective use of Wotan’s temporary paralysis in the face of the terrible shock to his soul of his decision to murder his own son, in order to both save Sieglinde and preserve the two halves of Siegmund’s Sword Nothung which Wotan’s spear has cut in twain:

(Hearing his death-sigh, Sieglinde sinks to the ground with a scream, apparently lifeless. As Siegmund falls, the glowing lights at either side disappear; dense, dark clouds extend to the front of the stage. #87; [#? – a figure from Bruennhilde’s vocal line: “…lies there, faint, in your lap”?]; #89: Bruennhilde is dimly discernible in them, turning to Sieglinde in precipitate haste.)


Bruennhilde: To horse, that I may save you!


(She lifts Sieglinde quickly on to her horse, which is standing near the side gully, and immediately disappears with her. #77. the clouds then part in the middle, revealing Hunding in the act of drawing his spear from the fallen Siegmund’s breast. #87. surrounded by clouds, Wotan can be seen standing on a rock behind him, leaning on his spear and gazing in anguish at Siegmund’s body. #19 vari hint?; #87)


Wotan: (to Hunding) Be gone, slave! Kneel before Fricka: (#68 voc:) tell her that Wotan’s spear has avenged what brought her disgrace (:#68)! (#21?) Go! Go!


(At a contemptuous wave of his hand, Hunding falls to the ground, dead.)


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