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The Valkyrie: Page 419
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Schwertleite: (#83?:) No greeting does she have for her sisters?


Waltraute: (calling down, very loudly) Heiaha! Bruennhilde! Don’t you hear us? (…) (:#83?) (…) Grane the strong drops to the ground!


Grimgerde: From the saddle she hastily lifts the woman.


Ortlinde/Waltraute/Grimgerde/Schwertlind: (all running into the wood) (#5?:) Sister! Sister (:#5?)! What has happened?


(All eight Valkyries return to the stage; with them comes Bruennhilde, supporting and leading Sieglinde.)


Bruennhilde: (breathlessly: [[ #90b: ]]) Shield me and help me in direst need [“hoechster Noth”] (:#90b)!


[Her sisters ask her what’s up.]


Bruennhilde: For the first time I flee and am being pursued! Father of battles [“Heervater”] is hunting me down!


The eight Valkyries: (deeply alarmed) Have you lost your senses? (…) Father of battles pursues you? Is it from him that you’re fleeing? (#83 [with a hint of #87?])


Bruennhilde: Look northwards to see if the Lord of the Slain’s drawing near! (#83?:) Quick, can you see him yet (:#83?)?


Ortlinde: A thunder-storm’s blowing from the north! (…)


The six other Valkyries: The father of battles is riding his sacred steed.

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