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The Valkyrie: Page 420
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Bruennhilde: The Wild Huntsman, who hunts me down in his fury, draws near, draws near from the north. (#83a - initial segment based on #53:) Shield me, sisters (:#83a)! Save this woman ! (…) Hear me in haste! She’s Sieglinde, Siegmund’s sister and bride: against the Waelsungs Wotan angrily rages: - Bruennhilde should have deprived her brother of victory today; [#? – possibly music from Bruennhilde’s prior remark from V.2.4: “just as the Valkyrie steadfastly shields you”?:] but I sheltered Siegmund with my shield (:#?), defying the god, who struck him himself with his spear. Siegmund fell; but I fled away with the woman: to save her I hurried to you, that, afraid as I am, (faint-heartedly) you might hide me away from his punishing blow.


Six Valkyries: (without Ortlinde and Waltraute) O foolish sister! What have you done? (#5?:) Alas! Alas! Bruennhild’, alas (:#5?)! Has Bruennhilde willfully broken the battle-lord’s holy behest ?


Waltraute: (on look out) (#83 vari:) Night-like the storm blows down from the north (:#83 vari).


Ortlinde: Hither in fury the tempest is driven.


Rossweise/Grimgerde/Schwertlinde: (#5 vari:) The Battle-Lord’s steed is whinnying wildly (:#5 vari).


Bruennhilde: Woe betide the wretched woman if Wotan finds her here: he threatens the ruin of all the Waelsungs! – Which of you’ll lend me the fleetest of steeds that will swiftly spirit the woman away?


Siegrune: Us, too, you urge to frenzied defiance?


Bruennhilde: Rossweise, sister! Lend me your racer!


Rossweise: From the Father of Battles my flying steed’s never fled.


Bruennhilde: Helmwige, hear me!

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