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The Valkyrie: Page 422
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[V.3.1: B]

Sieglinde, suicidally depressed by her loss of Siegmund, appeals to Bruennhilde not to intervene in her behalf but to let her join Siegmund in death, until Bruennhilde puts the spark of life and joy back in her by announcing (how would Bruennhilde know?) that Sieglinde is carrying Siegmund’s as yet unborn child, whom Bruennhilde herself will soon name (how interesting that Bruennhilde should be so presumptuous!) Siegfried:


(#90a vari; #40 vari: [legato, in the low strings, perhaps as heard when Siegmund bemoans the fact he cannot protect Sieglinde in V.2.4?] Sieglinde has been staring ahead, sombrely and coldly, but now starts up with a gesture of rejection as Bruennhilde embraces her warmly as if to protect her.)


Sieglinde: (#40 >>?:) Let care not afflict you for my sake: death alone avails me (:#40>>?)! (#40>>?:) Who bade you, maid, bear me hence from the fray? In the onslaught there I’d have been struck down (:#40>>?) by the selfsame spear to which Siegmund fell: I’d have met my end united with him! Far from Siegmund – Siegmund, from you! Let death enfold me lest I think of it! Ere I curse you, maid, for fleeing with me, (#60?:) hear my holy entreaty (:#60?) and drive your sword into my heart!


Bruennhilde: O woman, live for the sake of love! Save the pledge you received from him: (forcefully and insistently) a Waelsung stirs in your womb!


(Sieglinde initially starts up violently, but her face immediately lights up with sublime joy.)


Sieglinde: Save me, brave woman! Rescue my child! Shield me, you maidens, with mightiest shelter! (An ever darkening tempest rises in the background: #83?:)


Waltraute: (…) The storm’s drawing nearer (:#83?).


Ortlinde: (…) Flee, all who fear it!


The six other Valkyries: Away with the woman, if danger besets her: let none of the Valkyries dare to protect her!

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