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Siegfried: Page 464
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only that this Care might be a little lightened.” [411W-{6-8/49} Art and Revolution: PW Vol. I, p. 57]

This is perhaps one reason why the Nibelungs are represented as dwarfs: according to Wagner the more conscious we are, the less spontaneous and free, in other words, the more stunted our spirit.

[S.1.1: C]

Siegfried now bursts into the cave, introducing Siegfried’s Youthful Horncall Motif #103 (in contrast with its more mature, harmonically enriched variant, Siegfried’s Mature Horncall Motif #148, which will be introduced during the transition T.P.1-T.P.2) as he blows his horn and, to amuse himself at Mime’s expense, drives a bear (in this case representing “Nature” in opposition to Mime’s unnatural, artificial mind) before him to set it on Mime:


([[ #103: ]] Siegfried, in wild forest clothing, with a silver horn on a chain, bursts in from the forest with sudden impetuousness, driving a large bear … which he now sets on Mime …:)


Siegfried: (still outside: #103:) Hoiho! … (#103:) Bobble him up, the so-called smith! (laughing)


(Mime drops the sword in terror and takes refuge behind the forge: wherever he runs, Siegfried continues to drive the bear after him.)


Mime: Away with the beast! (#103) What use is the bear to me? (#103)


Siegfried: (#103>>:) I came as a pair, the better to plague you: ask him, bruin, about the sword!


Mime: (#103>>:) Hey, leave the brute! There lies the weapon: I finished furbishing it today.


Siegfried: Then I’ll let you off for today (:#103). (He unties the bear’s bridle and strikes the animal’s back with it) Be off with you, bruin: I need you no longer!


(#103 inverted: The bear runs back into the forest; Mime comes out trembling from behind the hearth.)


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