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Siegfried: Page 569
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[S.2.2: B]

Siegfried now asks Mime a rather unusual question: does Fafner have a heart, and if so, does it lie where any man’s or beast’s does? #71 sounds here to remind us of the most heartfelt experience the Ring has given us up till now, Siegmund the Waelsung’s tragi-heroic rescue of his sister Sieglinde from Hunding’s clutches, which is punished by the miserable deaths to which this most sympathetic couple are condemned by their very nature. Of course it makes practical sense for Siegfried to ask this question because he wishes to learn how he can most efficiently kill Fafner. But Mime’s answer is equally unexpected and suggests there is something more to Siegfried’s question than practical considerations. Mime says that Fafner’s heart does indeed lie just where it does in man, and he, strangely, asks Siegfried if this fact has at last prompted him to feel fear:


Siegfried: (#71) But tell me this: (#71) has the dragon a heart?


Mime: (#126 tympani) A fierce and inhuman heart!


Siegfried: But does it lie where it beats in everyone, (#126?) be he man or beast?


Mime: (#126?) Of course, my lad, the dragon’s heart lies there, too; are you starting to feel afraid now?


Siegfried: (who until now has been stretched out nonchalantly on the ground, raises himself quickly into a sitting position) (#119 chord:) Nothung (:#119 chord) (#109?:) I’ll thrust in the proud beast’s heart (:#109?). Is that what people call fear? (#104>>:) Hey, old man, if that’s all that your cunning can teach me, then be on your way; I’ll not learn what fear is here (:#104).


Mime: (#34 >>:) Just wait awhile! For all that I say may seem to you empty sound: you have to see and hear him himself, then your senses will surely fail you! (#98 vari >>:) When your gaze grows blurred and the ground starts to shake and your heart is quaking with fear in your breast (:#34): - (#126 tympani: in a very friendly tone of voice: #101 harmony?:) you’ll thank me that I brought you here and recall (#128b?:) how much Mime loves you (:#101 harmony?; :#128b?).


Siegfried: You’re not to love me, - haven’t I told you? Out of my sight and leave me alone or I’ll not stand it here any longer if you start on the subject of love! (#41 duple vari >>:) That loathsome

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