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The Ring of the Nibelung
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  • [R.4: G] Wotan grants the Giants Hoard and Tarnhelm, but not the Ring.  251-255

  • [R.4: H] Erda – Mother Nature, who (#53) knows all that was, is, and will be, warns Wotan to yield the Ring to the giants.  255-260

  • [R.4: I] Erda: shun the Ring, but the (#54) gods’ twilight is inevitable in any case.  261-264

  • [R.4: J] Wotan: If fear must consume me, Erda must tell me everything.  265-266

  • [R.4: K] Overawed by Erda’s warning, Wotan redeems Freia with the Ring.  266-267

  • [R.4: L] In dispute over the Ring, Fafner kills his brother Fasolt.  267-269

  • [R.4: M] Wotan: Erda must teach me how to end my fear.  269-274

  • [R.4: N] Fricka: Doesn’t the fortress beckon? Wotan: I bought it with evil toll.  274-276

  • [R.4: O] Donner (#55) clears the heavens: the (#56) Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla appears.   276-278

  • [R.4: P] Wotan’s Grand Idea for redemption: (#57) Nothung and the Waelsungs will make Valhalla  (#58) a refuge from dread and dismay.  278-285

  • [R.4: Q] Loge foresees his future: he’ll burn up the allegedly immortal gods.   285-286

  • [R.4: R] The Rhinedaughters’ Lament (#59abc) for the lost gold.   286-288

  • [R.4: S] The Rhinedaughters’ indictment: false and fated are the gods above!  288-292


The Valkyrie 293-460

The Valkyrie: Act One  293-320

The Valkyrie: Act One, Scene One 293-298

[V.1.1] Hunding's  Hut: Siegmund and Sieglinde  293-298

  • [V.1.1: A] Storm: (#60) (#61) Siegmund (#62) takes refuge in Hunding’s hut from Hunding & kin. Sieglinde (#63) (unknown to Siegfried, his long lost twin sister) offers him comfort, and they fall in love (#64).  293-295

  • [V.1.1: B] Siegmund, an (#65) ill-fated man, decides he should leave to avoid bringing Sieglinde ill-luck. She begs him to stay, since  he can't bring ill-luck where it already lives, and seek hospitality from her husband when he returns. Deeply moved (#66),  he decides to stay.   295-298


The Valkyrie: Act One, Scene Two   299-306

[V.1.2] Hunding's hut: Siegmund, Sieglinde, and Hunding   299-306  

  • [V.1.2: A] (#67) Hunding returns, and  suspicious of the stranger, requests that Siegmund  respect the honor (#68) of Hunding's house and hearth. Siegmund tells Sieglinde and Hunding how he lost his father (Wotan: #20a) while being hunted down by enemies, the Neidings.  299-302

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