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The Ring of the Nibelung
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The Valkyrie: Act Two, Scene Two   339-396

[V.2.2] A mountain pass: Wotan and Bruennhilde   339-396

  • [V.2.2: A] Bruennhilde:  What ails you, father, I've never seen you so! Wotan: (#82) (#51) O  shameful sorrow!  gods' direst distress ["Noth"]! Bruennhilde:  Confide in  me. Wotan:  Dare I speak it aloud, lest I lose the grip sustaining my will?  Bruennhilde: I am your will! Wotan: Then what I say to you remains forever unspoken! Wotan will confess his secret anguish ["Noth"] to his “will”, Bruennhilde.   339-348

  • [V.2.2: B] Wotan: When youthful love faded, I won the world for myself.   348-350

  • [V.2.2: C] Wotan: Unwitting, I made deceitful bonds, but couldn’t give up love.   350-352

  • [V.2.2: D] Wotan: Alberich’s Ring paid for Valhalla: I didn’t give it back to the Rhinedaughters.   352-353

  • [V.2.2: E] Wotan: My quest to learn my fate from Erda gave birth to you, Bruennhilde.   353-357

  • [V.2.2: F] Wotan: The men you Valkyries inspired were to avert the end Erda foretold.   357-358

  • [V.2.2: G] Wotan: But if Alberich regains the Ring, he’ll turn my heroes against me.   358-360

  • [V.2.2: H] Wotan: (#83) I need a hero, free from God’s law, to take the Ring from Fafner.   360-365

  • [V.2.2: I] Wotan: I find with loathing only myself in all I do: thus I can’t make a free hero.   365-378

  • [V.2.2: J] Bruennhilde: Isn’t Siegmund free? Wotan: No! I must murder him I most love!  379-380

  • [V.2.2: K] Wotan: Only Alberich can make a free hero: let his son [Hagen] be heir! (#20b/#12) I want the end of the gods and of all I've achieved!  380-390

  • [V.2.2: L] Bruennhilde: (#83) What must your child do?  Wotan: (#83) Fight for Fricka! What use is my "will" to me? I can’t will a free hero!   390-394

  • [V.2.2: M] Bruennhilde: But you love Siegmund! Wotan: (#83) Siegmund will fall. Your task is to kill him. (#84) Don't you dare disobey my order! (#85)   394-396


The Valkyrie: Act Two, Scene Three   397-400

[V.2.3] A mountain pass: Siegmund and Sieglinde   397-400

  • [V.2.3: A] Sieglinde is ashamed that she gave herself without love to Hunding.   397-398                                                

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