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The Ring of the Nibelung
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  • [V.3.1: C] Bruennhilde names (#92) Siegfried: Sieglinde praises the (#93) sublimest Wonder of Bruennhilde's loving self-sacrifice for the Waelsungs, and escapes to Fafner's forest.  424-428                   

The Valkyrie: Act Three, Scene Two  429-438 

[V.3.2] Bruennhilde's rocky peak: the Valkyries, Bruennhilde, and Wotan  429-438

  • [V.3.2: A] Wotan: (to Bruennhilde, hiding behind her sisters) Do you hear me complain and (#81B) hide in fear of punishment? Wotan accuses: Bruennhilde, the womb of his wishes, flouted his will.  429-431

  • [V.3.2: B] Wotan accuses: Bruennhilde, his wish-maid, flouted his will. Wotan’s punishment: he will banish Bruennhilde from Valhalla.   431-433

  • [V.3.2: C] Wotan: I'll lay you under a spell:  in (#94) shelterless sleep I'll leave  Bruennhilde for any man to wake and wed her. Bruennhilde's Valkyrie-sisters plead (#95) for Wotan to be  merciful to Bruennhilde  and  not leave her for a man to take, but Wotan's threat to subject them to similar punishment scatters them in fear.  433-438


The Valkyrie: Act Three, Scene Three   439-460

[V.3.3] Bruennhilde's rocky peak:  Bruennhilde and Wotan   439-460

  • [V.3.3: A] Bruennhilde: (#96A) Was what I did so wrong? I represented your better self.   439-441

  • [V.3.3: B] Bruennhilde stood by Siegmund because she saw what Wotan, (#81/#89) beset by conflict,  could not  see, Siegmund's heart. (#96B) Inwardly true to your will which inspired my love for  Siegmund, I flouted  your command.  441-443                      

  • [V.3.3: C] Wotan upset that Bruennhilde could live for love while he was burdened by  unbearable knowledge ["Noth"].   443-446

  • [V.3.3: D] Bruennhilde begs Wotan to insure only a true hero wins her, but he remains  unmoved.  446-449                               

  • [V.3.3: E] Bruennhilde: What punishment have you planned for me? Wotan: (#97) I'll seal you in sleep.  (#20c) He who wakes you will win you as wife. Bruennhilde: If defenceless sleep must leave me  prey to cowards, I beg you to shield me (#98) with terrors, (#92) that only a fearless, free hero can wake and  win  me. Wotan: You ask  too much! Bruennhilde: Let a  (#35) ring of fire protect me from cowards. Wotan finally bows to Bruennhilde’s passion: Loge will protect her with a  ring of fire so only a fearless hero can win her.  Wotan: Fare Well! (#Independent Aria based on #98) If  I must shun you, let a bridal fire  burn for you.   449-454

  • [V.3.3: F] Wotan bids Bruennhilde farewell: (#99) For one last time let me look into your eyes! (#18) So the god turns away from you, (#37) kisses your godhead away.  He lays her under  her armor, asleep, then prepares to leave her forever. 454-456

  • [V.3.3: G] Wotan (#100) calls forth Loge to surround the sleeping Bruennhilde with a protective  ring of fire which will scare away all men except the one hero freer than  the god, Siegfried.   457-460

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