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Twilight of the Gods: Page 775
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solely in discrediting the hero Siegfried and heroine Bruennhilde, and in re-possessing his father Alberich’s Ring, so that Hagen can supplant religion and art with the true source of power in this world, objective knowledge, and thus take possession of man’s collective mind for power’s sake.

[T.1.1: B]

After learning from Hagen of Siegfried’s heroic pedigree and of his heroic achievements, both Gunther and Gutrune are doubtful that anything can be done to prevail upon Siegfried either to win Bruennhilde for Gunther’s sake, or to wed Gutrune. So Hagen offers a solution: he reminds Gutrune of a potion which will simultaneously make Siegfried forget any woman he has ever known, and love the first woman he sees, after drinking it:

Gutrune: (#152 vari [a lyrical legato vari associated with Gutrune?]) What was the feat that he performed so bravely (#152 staccato vari:) that he is called the most glorious hero (:#152)?


Hagen: (#48 vari:) outside Envy-Cave [“Neidhoehl’ ”] the Nibelung hoard (:#48) (#19:) was guarded by a giant dragon (:#19); (#126 vari:) Siegfried closed its fearsome maw, slew the beast with conquering sword (:#126 vari). (#92?) (#19 voc?:) From such a tremendous feat (#109:) the hero’s fame has sprung (:#109 [#109 dies away with an emphasis on #103]).


Gunther: (pensively: #17 vari:) I’ve heard of the Nibelung hoard: does it not hide [“birgt”] the most coveted [“neidlichsten”] treasure? (#19 vari)


Hagen: (#19: [darkened]) He who knew how to use it (:#19) (#37:) could bend the world, in truth, to his will (:#37). (#12)


Gunther: And Siegfried (#12) won it in fair fight? (#12?)


Hagen: (#45:) The Nibelungs are now his slaves (:#45). (#45b; #57 vari)


Gunther: And he alone could win Bruennhilde?

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