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Twilight of the Gods: Page 822
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spin Bruennhilde has put on Wotan’s punishment, and the bitter truth which instead prompts Waltraute to seek Bruennhilde out.

[T.1.3: C]

Waltraute now strives to bring Bruennhilde to her senses, to sober her up with an objective account of the terrible events at Valhalla which led Waltraute to seek Bruennhilde’s help:


Waltraute: (vehemently: #163 or #156?:) Share in the frenzy that’s seized you, you fool (:#163 or #156?)? – Something else drove me in dread [“Angst”] to break Wotan’s behest.


(#164 embryo?: [as an orchestral explosion? this is first heard definitively when Waltraute tells Bruennhilde that she broke away from Valhalla to find Bruennhilde, after learning of Wotan’s hidden desire that Bruennhilde return the ring to the Rhine] Only now, to her surprise, does Bruennhilde notice Waltraute’s wild agitation.)


Bruennhilde: (#163 >>: [is there any #156 influence?]) Poor sister, you’re fettered by dread and fear? So the hard-hearted god hasn’t pardoned me yet (:#163)? You quail at my punisher’s wrath?


Waltraute: (#81:) If only I feared it, (#voc?: [evidently the end frag of a mournful motif, perhaps #37?]) my dread would be over (:#81; :#37 voc?)! (#? [an orchestral figure – what is it?]; #81)


Bruennhilde: (#voc?: [a repeat of Waltraute’s mournful phrase , perhaps #37, from above?]) Stunned, I don’t understand you (:#37 voc?)!


Waltraute: Come to your senses, mark me closely! (#39 vari? [or a reference to something else which Alberich sang while chasing the Rhinedaughters in R.1???]) Back to Valhalla the same dread drives me that drove me here from Valhalla (:#39 vari? [or another reference to Alberich from R.1?]).


Bruennhilde: (alarmed) What ails the immortal gods?


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