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The Ring of the Nibelung
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Twilight of the Gods: Act One, Scene Three, Part Two    839-850                                                 

[T.1.3] Bruennhilde's rocky peak: Bruennhilde and Siegfried (disguised as Gunther)   839-850                     

  • [T.1.3: H] Bruennhilde hears Siegfried’s horn, but Siegfried appears disguised as Gunther. Bruennhilde: Are  you of Hell's [Nibelheim's] host? (#164) Now I see the  sense of  Wotan's sentence.    839-843 

  • [T.1.3: I] Bruennhilde threatens Siegfried with her Ring.  After a futile struggle with him, Bruennhilde's resistance is deflated when he violently rips the Ring off  of her finger. (#149) Her gaze unconsciously meets his. He won't recognize the Ring as his own until later.  (#149) (#50) Bruennhilde, upon his command, enters her cave in dismay.  844-848       

  • [T.1.3: J] Siegfried draws his phallus Nothung. With the greatest unconscious irony, (#165) he calls upon it (#57) to separate him from Gunther's bride-to-be,  to honor his  oath to his blood-brother.    848-850 


Twilight of the Gods: Act Two      851-920

Twilight of the Gods: Act Two, Scene One      851-866

[T.2.1] Gibichung Hall: Hagen and Alberich      851-866

  • [T.2.1: A] Prelude of poignant melancholy which expresses Hagen's anguish at being who he is: (#166) Alberich: Are you sleeping, Hagen, my son? Be mindful of the power  you'll wield if you're worthy of the  mother who bore  you. Hagen: (#166) I've  no reason to thank her. I'm prematurely old and sad. (#37) I hate the happy and am never glad.   851-854       

  • [T.2.1: B] Alberich: Wotan lost his power to Siegfried. I’ve nothing more to fear from Wotan,  (#19/#20a) who awaits  his end among the gods.    854-855

  • [T.2.1: C] Hagen: Who will inherit the immortals' power? Alberich: (#167) I, and you, will inherit the world if you haven't deceived my trust, if you share my grief and rage. The child Siegfried has won the Ring. Both Valhalla and Nibelheim bow before him. My curse grows feeble before the fearless  hero, since  he  doesn't know or use the Ring's power. Our only recourse is Siegfried's death!  Hagen: To his own destruction Siegfried serves me! (#167)   855-860

  • [T.2.1: D] Alberich: If Bruennhilde ever urged Siegfried to restore the  (#17/#19) Ring to the (#4) Rhinedaughters who once befooled me, no cunning would ever  win it back. So don't delay! (#167) Get it back!    860-863

  • [T.2.1: E] Alberich: Though not strong enough to defeat Fafner, (#167) I brought you up to feel hatred and avenge me by winning the Ring back from Wotan and Siegfried. (#20b/#151/#42) Do you swear it, Hagen, my son? Hagen: The  Ring I shall have:  be patient! Alberich: Do you swear it? Hagen: (#166) To myself  I swear it! (#51) Silence your care!   The light of  dawn:  (#168ab)   863-866   


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