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The Ring of the Nibelung
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  • [T.2.4: D] (#150) All present demand Siegfried swear an oath that he hasn’t dishonored Gunther and Gutrune. Hagen offers his spear  to  enforce the oath. (#173) Both Siegfried and Bruennhilde swear  on  it.    894-898

  • [T.2.4: E] Siegfried confides to Gunther that Bruennhilde seems a bit unhinged. Perhaps, Siegfried  suggests, the  Tarnhelm only half  concealed his true identity. (#59) That I won her for you (#150) the woman will surely be thankful yet.    898-900

  • [T.2.4: F] Now, in the apogee of irony, Siegfried summons all present (#150) to come away with him to share in the (#171) great joy of his wedding, leaving Bruennhilde, Gunther, and Hagen behind.    900-902

Twilight of the Gods: Act Two, Scene Five       903-920

[T.2.5] Gibichung Hall: Bruennhilde, Hagen, Gunther, Siegfried, Gutrune and the Gibichung  Vassals  and Women       903-920

  • [T.2.5: A] Bruennhilde: (#164) What demon's art (#87) lies  hidden here? (#87) Where now is my wisdom against this bewilderment? (#87) Where are my runes against this riddle? Ah, (#5) sorrow!  Sorrow!  (#5) Woe! Ah, woe! (#134) All my wisdom [Wotan's unspoken  secret, his confession] I gave to him: (#150) In his power he holds the maid; in his bonds he holds the booty which, sorrowing for her shame, the rich man  exultantly gave away. (#164)   903-905

  • [T.2.5: B] Bruennhilde: (#170/#164) Who'll offer me the  sword to sever this bond? Hagen offers to help her break her bond with Siegfried. She contemptuously dismisses his hope to avenge her: (#15) broken oaths are an idle concern! Bruennhilde: O rank ingratitude! Shameful reward! (#150/#15) Not a single art was known to me that didn't help to keep his body safe! (#141) Unknown to him, he was tamed by my magic spells which protect him from wounds. Hagen: No weapon can  harm him?  Bruennhilde:  I knew  that he would (#92)  never flee from a foe, (#15) exposing his back, so  (#15/#150) there I spared the spell's protection. Hagen: (#164) There I'll strike!   905-911                       

  • [T.2.5: C] (#159) Gunther is deeply ashamed. Bruennhilde: (#164) False, craven man! You hid behind the hero so he could win honors for you. Gunther: (#164) I deceived myself.  (#45) Hagen, save my honor! (#37) Help your mother who bore me too! Hagen: Siegfried's death alone  will help. (#170/#164) That alone can purge your shame.  Gunther: (#158) But we swore blood-brotherhood! Hagen:  (#158) May blood atone the broken bond! Gunther: (#159) Did he break the bond? Did he betray me?   911-915

  • [T.2.5: D] Bruennhilde: You all betrayed me. If I had my due, (#159) all the blood  in the world (#164) could never  make good your guilt! (#167) Siegfried’s death will atone (#149) for everyone! Hagen: (to Gunther)  You'll inherit the Ring's power only through Siegfried's death. Gunther: Must this  be Siegfried's end? Hagen: (#170/#164) His  death will serve  us all.   915-917

  • [T.2.5: E] Hagen and Gunther agree (#153) they’ll hide the crime from Gutrune by describing it as a hunting accident (#103 - #164 - gored by a boar!). They'll kill Siegfried during a hunt tomorrow!    917-918

  • [T.2.5: F] (#170/#164) Bruennhilde and Gunther invoke Wotan, (#173) guardian of oaths, and Hagen invokes his  father Alberich, as the trio swear their oath of vengeance against Siegfried. Through Siegfried's death Hagen anticipates inheriting his father Alberich's Ring and its  power.  The three rejoin the wedding party, now in procession.   918-920

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