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Twilight of the Gods: Page 936
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[T.3.1: E]

Resigned to Siegfried’s refusal, the Rhinedaughters now castigate him for his unwitting ignorance of all that he will lose by not granting their request for the Ring, and of all that he lost prior to his refusal, specifically the magical protection from the ring curse, the curse of consciousness, which Bruennhilde’s love formerly bestowed upon him, and they consign him with cosmic equanimity and joy to the doom he’s willed for himself.

Cosima recorded Wagner’s take on this:

“R. is well and works; at lunch we talk about the Rhinemaidens’ scene: he shows me how the maidens come very close to Siegfried, then dive down again, consigning him amid laughter and rejoicing to his downfall, with all the childlike cruelty of Nature, which only indicates motives and indifferently sacrifices the individual – thus, in fact, demonstrating a supreme wisdom which is only transcended by the wisdom of the saint [Siegfried reborn as Parsifal].” [816W-{2/23/72} CD Vol. I, p. 460]:

The Rhinedaughters: (#175: [&/or #33b?]) Come, sisters! Flee from the fool [“Thoren”] (:#175 [&/or #33b?])! (#164 &/or #19 in a new vari?: [is there any #176 here?]) Wise and strong as he weens himself, the hero is hoppled and blind (:#164 &/or #19 in a new vari?) [is there any #176?]. (#175? &/or #33b?: In wild agitation they swim close to the shore in widening circles.) (#174a vari:) Oaths he swore (#174b) (#174a vari:) and doesn’t heed them (:#174a vari); (more violent movement. #175 &/or #33b?) (#174a:) runes he knows (#174b) (#174a:) and cannot read them (:#174a).


Flosshilde, then Woglinde: (#149/#174a>>:) A most hallowed gift [“Gut”] was granted to him –


All Three: (#176 [a back reference to the Rhinedaughters’ remark above: “Wise and strong as he weens himself, the hero is hoppled and blind,” which I thought might be a #164/#19 combination or new #19 vari?]; #175 &/or #33b?:) that he has cast it away he doesn’t know (:#176).


Flosshilde: (#176 vari:) The ring alone


Wellgunde: which will deal him death –


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