2nd anniversary Wagnerheim discussion forum 4/19/13

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2nd anniversary Wagnerheim discussion forum 4/19/13

Post by alberich00 » Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:41 pm

Dear Discussion Forum Members and Visitors:

The wagnerheim.com discussion forum's 2nd anniversary (i.e., the second anniversary of the first message posted here, on 4/19/11) has just passed. I would have posted a message on that date but for the fact that I, like so many others, was transfixed all day by the tragic drama unfolding in Watertown, Massachusetts. Also, I've been overwhelmed with family duties and emergencies for the past two years, which has adversely influenced my ability to post as much material on this site as I had hoped to do. However, circumstances have improved and I hope to be much more active this year.

To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, I will soon be posting, probably in 12 parts of 10 pages apiece, a detailed comparison between the version of my paper "How Elsa Showed Wagner the Way to Siegfried" I submitted to Barry Millington and Stewart Spencer for review in 8/93 (copyrighted at the Library of Congress on 1/14/94), and Dr. Berthold Hoeckner's chapter on "Lohengrin" from a Dissertation he completed and presented in 8/94 towards his PhD in Musicology at Cornell Univ. These two papers are worthy of comparison because it appears that Dr. Hoeckner and I independently arrived at a surprising number of conclusions in common regarding the importance of certain plot elements in "Lohengrin" to an understanding of Wagner's transition from a traditional opera composer to the creator of the revolutionary music-drama. There are, of course, major differences between our papers, which I also highlight in my comparison of them.

Once I have finished editing and posting this comparison between our two papers, I will be posting reviews of papers presented at the Wagner Worldwide 2013 conference hosted by the Univ. of South Carolina in late January and early February of 2013, many of which are now posted as youtube videos online at the Wagner Worldwide 2013 facebook site. I regard this as an interesting exercise because I am curious to learn what the latest in Wagner scholarship is bringing to the table, and I suppose the papers presented at this conference represent a good sampling of the current debate on things Wagnerian.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to this discussion forum, and thanks to all the 40,000 or so visitors who have had the curiosity to take a look at http://www.wagnerheim.com, and lastly, thanks, in advance, to any among you visitors who contribute to our debates in the future. I strongly encourage you to let fly. Please keep in mind, also, that this discussion forum is not limited to debates about interpretation of the meaning of Wagner's operas; any submissions about the latest performances and/or recordings or dvd's available are welcome too. As long as the discussions are inspired by things Wagnerian, all are welcome here.

By the way, can anybody tell me what was happening on 3/26/13 that led no less than 25 visitors to look at the discussion forum at the same time, around 4:15pm? I'm dying of curiosity. Was this an entire class at school, or what?

Your friend from Wagnerheim,

Paul Heise alias Alberich00 (4/21/13)
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