Berthold Hoeckner's response to review

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Berthold Hoeckner's response to review

Post by alberich00 » Mon May 13, 2013 10:06 am

Dear discussion forum members and visitors:

Dr. Berthold Hoeckner, Professor of Musicology at the Univ. of Chicago, forwarded to me the following generous response to my comparative review of our two papers from 8/93 (Paul Heise) and 8/94 (Berthold Hoeckner), and also remarks about

"Dear Paul,

(...) Let me congratulate you on your new website. I am struck by the care that has gone into it, as it works well. I am certain that it will be a great resource for Wagnerians of the future.

Indeed, I find the online version of your book very useful because it includes links to the motifs and because it is easy to navigate. However, I can see why Professor Scruton thinks that a shorter print version might also be useful. ... I encourage you in this pursuit ... (...)

When revising your book for publication, I would, in your case, not worry too much about musical expertise. While your sense of the drama is excellent, you can leave it to others to complement your work from a musical perspective. I hope a modern Lorenz comes along one day who will integrate the wonderful work done by music theorists like Richard Cohn and David Lewin.

I did look at your responses to my Lohengrin article and agree with you about the remarkable co-evolution and co-incidence of our ideas. It will be a beneficial exercise for students of the opera to read them side by side. ... our convergences and divergences are in plain sight. As an exegete and hermeneutician, I strongly believe that the quest for understanding involves a healthy plurality of interpretations, rather than the attempt to settle on a single, definite, and final meaning.

In sum, I am happy with the progress you have made with sharing your ideas and I am looking forward to hearing more about the next step of print publication.

With affection,

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