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Reviews of "The Wagner Experience" re-edited as of 5/10/2015

Posted: Sun May 10, 2015 7:58 am
by alberich00
Dear Members of, and visitors to, the discussion forum:

I have now completed my re-edit of my reviews of those chapters from Paul Dawson-Bowling's book "The Wagner Experience" which I have posted so far. Due to time constraints I must spend the rest of this year completing my re-write of my online "Ring" book (posted here at for potential publication in hardcopy. During breaks from this project I will attempt to complete my reviews of Dawson-Bowling's chapters on "Tristan," "Mastersingers," and "Parsifal."

I would suggest that anyone who found my reviews of DB's chapters interesting re-read them, as I have not only corrected typos and made a number of passages which were poorly written more lucid (I hope), but I have also added new material, here and there, to more fully integrate my reviews of DB's chapters with my own interpretation and its far-reaching implications.

I will not stop working on my re-write of my "Ring" book until it is completed. Since I will be focussing so much on this project, most of the questions I pose in this discussion forum will relate to issues that arise as I rewrite my chapters on each of the scenes from the "Ring." I am going to attempt to write a version of my "Ring" study approximately one third as long as the online version which you find posted here at, and hopefully one which is more accessible and easier to digest.

Once I have completed this re-write, I will embark on completing my second volume on Wagner's six other canonic operas and music-dramas, from "The Flying Dutchman" to "Parsifal." This second volume will offer my original interpretations of these artworks, and will integrate them with the overall conceptual scheme which I find in Wagner's "Ring."

I look forward to any contributions, especially objections or suggestions, which members of, or visitors to, this discussion forum, wish to make. I anticipate that this will become the go-to site for debate on matters Wagnerian.

Your friend from Wagnerheim,

Paul Heise alias alberich00