Roger Scruton's "The Ring of Truth": new from Penguin

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Roger Scruton's "The Ring of Truth": new from Penguin

Post by alberich00 » Sat May 07, 2016 11:22 am

Dear members of, and visitors to,'s discussion forum:

Many of you I suspect are already aware, but, in case some of your are not, I wish to announce that Penguin will be publishing, for sale, on 6/30/2016, a new book on Wagner's "Ring" by the sponsor of this website, Dr. Roger Scruton, who also wrote the introduction for my study of Wagner's "Ring" posted here at This new book, the first by Dr. Scruton devoted to Wagner's "Ring" (some of you may already be familiar with his book on "Tristan and Isolde," "Death-Devoted Heart") is entitled "The Ring of Truth." I understand that there will be a fair number of references to my interpretation of the "Ring," which is posted here at As I have not yet read the published version of Dr. Scruton's new study of the "Ring" I don't know what will be his current verdict on my own study, which has now been posted here, online, for about 5 years. Like the rest of us I will read it with great interest once it is available. I greatly look forward to it.

Your friend from Wagnerheim,

Paul alias alberich00
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