New and improved embedding of motifs in libretto

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New and improved embedding of motifs in libretto

Post by alberich00 » Wed Jun 21, 2017 6:16 am

Dear members of, and visitors to,

In the process of completing my third and final revision of my online "Ring" book, "The Wound That Will Never Heal," I have been making great strides in correcting mistakes made in the course of embedding the 178 musical motifs, identified by number according to Dr. Allen Dunning's motif list, in the libretto, where they occur in the libretto/score. Dr. Dunning had originally provided me an English language version of the libretto embedded with all the motifs, identified by number, which he found in the score at those places. However, by conducting a minute by minute survey by ear (unlike Dr. Dunning I can't read musical scores, sad to say) for the first time in years, employing Dr. Dunning's motif list mp3's as found at the beginning of Appendix I of, along with my dvd of the MET "Ring" production with James Levine, and going over each passage again and again as I try to identify any motifs Dr. Dunning or I missed previously, I have been able to make many useful corrections, both deleting motifs in a few cases which were inaccurately embedded in the libretto I use in my online book, and adding others which were accidentally omitted, and also re-positioning some where necessary. The final result of this survey will be a greatly improved and much more accurate version of the libretto embedded with all identifiable motifs where they can be found in the score. The method I used previously to work with Dr. Dunning on this was considerably more clumsy because I had to use compact disks of only the music while referring to a hardcopy libretto, and I wasn't able to quickly listen to the mp3 of a motif in conjunction with reviewing the placement of motifs in the libretto. Now, using my laptop (I didn't possess one when Dr. Dunning and I first produced this motif-embedded libretto) I can accomplish this, and replay each moment over and over again until I arrive at considerable accuracy.

Perhaps when I complete my third and final revision of my online book, and prepare to send it to publishers (probably in the early Fall), I can take a break prior to proceeding to writing volume II of "The Wound That Will Never Heal," which will include my studies of Wagner's six other canonic operas and music-dramas from "Dutchman" through "Parsifal," and correct the motif-embedding of the libretto of my online book here at (my current corrections I'm making with a red marker in a hardcopy of my second revision of my online book). Part of this process of revising my embedding of motifs in the libretto is the removal of the scaffolding which still clutters up my online version of the libretto here at, by which I mean the numerous instances where I put a question mark next to a numbered motif because I wasn't certain it is accurate, or actually typed in speculative commentary. All that scaffolding is being removed, which will greatly improve not only the accuracy but the readability of the online libretto and the version of the libretto in my third and final revision of my book.

Your friend from,

Paul Brian Heise
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