The latest on my final revision of my "Ring" book

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The latest on my final revision of my "Ring" book

Post by alberich00 » Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:42 am

Dear members of, and visitors to, our discussion forum at

I haven't been posting much in our discussion forum the past many months because I've been working 7 days per week to complete my third and final revision of my online book on Wagner's "Ring," "The Wound That Will Never Heal," Volume One. I finally completed typing my originally hand-written corrections into my computer-file version of the book, and now the only things left to do are to incorporate the musical notation for 16 new motifs I added to Dr. Allen Dunning's original list of 177 (which I'm now able to do since Dr. Dunning generously spent weeks producing the musical notation and midi files for these motifs), to re-format how I highlight those passages and embedded musical motifs (identified by number) to which I wish to draw attention, to use the "replace" function to replace all embedded motifs originally identified by Allen Dunning's numeration with my new expanded list and altered numeration, to rewrite my introduction to better reflect the revisions I've made to my book (including addressing critiques made by Dr. Philip Kitcher and Sir Roger Scruton), to revise my table of contents to accommodate these changes, and last but not least, to write a book proposal.

I've been delayed by many things this fall and early winter, not least having to leave the state for two weeks due to a hurricane, having to deal with medical complications, and having to spend weeks helping my companion's daughter move belongings out of her former home. But, with all that now behind me, I see no reason why I can't have my book ready for publication by March at the latest. I'll keep you posted.

Your friend from,

Paul Brian Heise
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