Paul Heise's request for aid from Wagnerians to buy a car

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Paul Heise's request for aid from Wagnerians to buy a car

Post by alberich00 » Tue May 08, 2018 1:24 am

Dear Members of, and visitors to, the discussion forum:

I've posted on a couple of occasions this year and last a request for financial aid, and I'm renewing my request now because I've only about 5k in savings and my Nissan pickup truck, my sole means of transportation, will be 21 years old in August of 2018, and is now requiring repair so frequently that I'm having trouble saving enough for a new car. I can't afford to buy a new car on a payment plan which will deplete my savings with interest payments. I also can't afford to deplete all my savings for a downpayment because this will leave me with no cushion against possible emergency expenses.

Here's the cause of my situation: having turned 65 this year and now receiving monthly social security benefits, my total annual income from all sources (social security, pension, dividends from modest investments) from now onward, after deductions for medicare premiums, is 22.5k. With such a small income it will take me several years to save enough to buy a new car, but my very old Nissan will need to be replaced soon.

My rationale for asking fellow Wagnerians who love Wagner's "Ring" for aid is that I've now completed my final revision of my online book on Wagner's "Ring," posted in its original form free of charge at since 2011, and I've never received any compensation for the 40+ years of research I put into my book (I sacrificed all or part of 13 years of potential paid employment to work on it full or part time without compensation). It's by far the most comprehensive study of RW's "Ring" in the literature, and the only one which demonstrates its unity and conceptual coherence. Furthermore, I've resolved numerous conundrums in Wagner scholarship, and can also demonstrate the allegorical relationship of the "Ring" to Wagner's other canonical operas and music-dramas. I will be submitting a book proposal to leading academic publishers soon, but arcane books of the type I've spent my life writing don't tend to generate significant royalties.

If you wish to see my financial and employment history, my bona fides, this is included in my next most recently posted crowdfunding appeal several posts below this one.

So I appeal to anyone out there in the whole, wide world who loves Wagner's art, who appreciates my achievement, and who grasps that it was inevitable that I'd be unable to earn financial compensation for my lifelong study of Wagner's art, and that I had to sacrifice many years of what would otherwise have been paid employment in order to complete it. I could sure use the help, but I regard any help offered as, in a sense, compensation for lacking the salary I could never obtain for my labor. Smaller donations can be made to my paypal account in the lower left corner of my homepage. Anyone making a donation which would have tax implications can contact me directly at I would deeply appreciate any donation you can give and will be proud to name any donors in my (hopefully) forthcoming book who don't wish to remain anonymous.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Your friend from,

Paul Brian Heise
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