In honor of the 5 Capital Gazette staff killed in Annapolis

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In honor of the 5 Capital Gazette staff killed in Annapolis

Post by alberich00 » Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:59 pm

Dear members of, and visitors to, the discussion forum:

In honor of the five staff members/writers of the Capital Gazette of Annapolis, who were shot to death by a harasser who was angry that they were accurately reporting news about him (who does this remind you of?), and in honor of those wounded who survived, I thought it might be appropriate to post the following link to an article written by staff writer Terri Winslow of the Capital Gazette about yours truly, my life's study of Richard Wagner, back in 2012. Though this interview occurred at their older headquarters in an industrial mall area off of West Street, and not at the new headquarters on Bestgate Road, it dawned on me that Terri and all her fellow staff members, and I myself, might have been shot by this same monster on the day of my interview, which was in 2012.

Please remember, forever, that Trump at his rallies has been incessantly describing the legitimate, professional media as the enemy of the American people, precisely because he doesn't wish to be held accountable, and doesn't mind placing a target on the backs of our intrepid and honest journalists who keep freedom alive by speaking truth to power, to ignorance, to stupidity, and to prejudice. Here's the link to the article: ... story.html
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