A tribute to wagnerheim's motif guide discovered online

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A tribute to wagnerheim's motif guide discovered online

Post by alberich00 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 12:14 am

Dear members and visitors to the www.wagnerheim.com discussion forum:

As I so often do, I was browsing the web tonight exploring what references might turn up on the web about our website, www.wagnerheim.com, and lo and behold discovered the following tribute to wagnerheim.com's motif guide to Wagner's "Ring," which is the product primarily of Dr. Allen Dunning's improvements on Deryck Cooke's original "Ring" motif study, combined with commentary by Paul Heise about the musical motifs' dramatic/allegorical significance.

u/Lebensmaler posted the following tribute at reddit, r/opera 2 months ago:

"Posted by u/Lebensmaler
2 months ago

A most didactic guide to the leitmotifs in Wagner’s Ring
Last night, I discovered the most didactic guide to the leitmotifs in Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen I have ever seen. The discovery took me a few years back when, with great fervour, I first read the works of Allen B. Dunning and Rudolph Sabor. This website, however, contains a MIDI file for every single identified leitmotif (there are 178). The MIDI files are a blessing for those whose reading skills are rusty or simply do not want to seat for hours in front their instrument. Furthermore, each leitmotif is carefully analysed and compared to other (possibly) related leitmotifs. There are correspondences and developments I would never have detected on my own. The interpretations are bold and engaging. As a “perfect wagnerite”, I agree with some and disagree with others (of course!). Nevertheless, I profoundly appreciate the author’s erudition and the painstaking work.

Wagnerheim.com is evidently the work of a lifetime. Its creator, Paul Heise, wrote the following: “The author has made this product of his lifelong devotion to grasping the mystery of Wagner's genius available to the public with the hope and desire that visitors will enjoy this site as a resource, and he encourages visitors to contribute their viewpoints in the discussion forum, where it is hoped their perspectives will generate lively debate.” I am so grateful for this website that I will most definitely make a donation soon. Thank you, Paul Heise, wherever you are.

The link below will take you to page were the leitmotifs’ analysis begins: https://www.wagnerheim.com/page/19

Just click on the numbers (e.g., #1 or #53) and start exploring.

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