It's done! I've signed a contract with Academica Press

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It's done! I've signed a contract with Academica Press

Post by alberich00 » Sun Jan 17, 2021 7:12 am

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

A few days ago, after decades trying to find a publisher for a hardcopy version of my online "Ring" interpretation, I signed a contract with Academica Press to revise my 2018 version of my "Ring" study into an approximately 600 page book, to be sold as both a hardback and a paperback. Academica Press expects to publish my book sometime this Fall. The first 100 pages are my prefatory material, including my revised Guide to the Musical Motifs, now numbered at 193. The remaining 500 pages will be the main body of my text. This means I must omit about 350 pages from my 2018 revision of my book in order to produce my hardcopy book. But have no fear:

My 2018 revision of my online "Ring" interpretation came to 1,050 pages, of which 106 were my prefatory material, and about 90 my Epilogue, which contains my critical responses to Kitcher and Schacht's "Finding an Ending," and to the late Sir Roger Scruton's "The Ring of Truth ... ." Once I can save enough cash (or receive enough in donations: Hint! Hint!), I'll hire's webmeister to replace my original version of my online "Ring" interpretation, which has been posted here at since 2011, with my 2018 version, which includes 16 new motifs, and my Epilogue, and which is a big improvement on my 2011 version. I also have to replace my 2014 Mac Book Air, whose keys are popping out or sticking. Last but not least, once I've completed my roughly 600 page revision for Academica Press, which is due by 6/30/2021, I must either produce an Index for it myself (which could take an age but which I will do myself if necessary), or hire someone else to do it at approximately $4.00 per page, which could cost me in excess of $2000.00. Any donations would be most appreciated, since I would like to devote myself exclusively to revising my book for publication.
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