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Dr. Julian Young cuts and runs for the high grass

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2022 1:06 pm
by alberich00
Dear Members of, and visitors to, the discussion forum

In 2014, Dr. Julian Young's (Kenan Professor of Humanities Emeritus at Wake Forest University) book The Philosophies of Richard Wagner was published.

I recently (early February) contacted Dr. Young to inform him that I'd written a 42 page examination of the implications of my interpretation of Wagner's Ring, as found at my website (posted there in 2011), and in my newly published allegorical interpretation of it The Wound That Will Never Heal (Academica Press, 9/2021), for the content of his book The Philosophies of Richard Wagner, from which I quoted extensively.

He emailed me to say he'd be delighted to read the PDF of my essay I'd sent him, because no one had written so much about his research previously. I assumed that in spite of whatever professional and other obligations he might have he'd likely read my essay immediately (who wouldn't?). A few weeks later I emailed him to ask what he thought about my essay. I received no answer. More recently I emailed him again. Again I received no answer. So I finally emailed him a few days ago to ask if he hadn't gotten back to me because, perhaps, I'd done or said something he found offensive. He emailed me to say he hadn't had any interest in Wagner for 15 years (curious, since his one book on Wagner was published 8 years ago, in 2014), and was no longer interested in the topic, and that he was sorry he'd have nothing to say in response to the implications of my life's work for his fairly recently published book on Wagner.

I've reproduced in this discussion forum in four parts my essay describing the implications of my allegorical interpretation of Wagner's Ring for Young's book The Philosophies of Richard Wagner.

I regard his non-response and disingenuous excuse as an act of bad faith and as utterly unworthy of a scholar renowned for his expertise on Wagner's erstwhile ally and latter-day nemesis Friedrich Nietzsche. I believe that a scholar who is dedicated to the discovery and dissemination of knowledge ought to be enthralled by the opportunity to respond to such an interesting and challenging response to his book. After all, if he regarded my essay or my published book as unworthy of comment, the least he could have done was drawn my attention to critical errors of judgment or fact, rather than cutting and running for the high grass. I leave you to draw your own conclusions, but I ask, what kind of person would respond to the sort of overture I made to him with such a gratuitous and nonsensical insult?