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All book reviews posted here have been newly edited 10/10/11

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:21 pm
by alberich00
Dear stakeholders in Wagnerheim:

Having re-read the entirety of my reviews of books by Badiou (with Zizek) and Deathridge, I was shocked, shocked to find a fair number of typos and other assorted misdemeanors, most of which I hope I've now corrected, since I just completed editing all these posts this evening, on 10/10/11. I have also added new material of considerable interest at several points. For this reason I invite visitors who have already read these posts to re-read them if they would like to obtain a more definitive impression of my original intent, and of course I invite all new visitors to peruse them.

I will be taking a break from book reviewing (but not from posting new topics of interest to the discussion forum) for awhile now as I embark on the final phase of completing a briefer version of my book posted on this website, "The Wound That Will Never Heal," which is intended for publication as a hardcopy book. This book will contain both a much reduced and more accessibly written version of my original interpretation of Wagner's "Ring," which will discard much of the scholarly apparatus in favor of simplicity in presentation, and six new chapters covering each of Wagner's six other canonical operas and music-dramas, from "The Flying Dutchman" to "Parsifal." These six chapters will delineate the systematic conceptual relationship between the "Ring" and Wagner's six other significant artworks. I hope to complete it in time for publication during the bicentennial year of Wagner's birth, 2013.

Your friend from Wagnerheim,

Paul alias Alberich00

Re: All book reviews posted here have been newly edited 10/1

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:16 pm
by eosnachtigall
Well that's very good news Paul and many thanks for your efforts. I'm still working my way slowly but surely (I hope) through your detailed examination of Das Rheingold and am in awe of what you've accomplished. Many thanks indeed.

Re: All book reviews posted here have been newly edited 10/1

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:11 am
by alberich00
Dear Eos Nachtigall:

You've renewed my faith that there might be something of value in what I've striven to express re Richard Wagner's legacy the past 40 years. What I'm looking forward to, more than anything else, are the extensive critiques which will eventually be sent my way by those readers who have plowed through all or most of my book. I'm very, very curious to see what objections might be raised, and whether most, or at least part, of my life's work will survive the scrutiny. In my heart of hearts I believe much of it will, not only because it's self-evident that I'm convinced by my own arguments, but because, during the huge length of time during which I developed my hypotheses, I ran hundreds of tests, and read pretty much everything that anyone else was writing, or had written, about this fascinating subject, and a very large proportion of my original hypotheses not only survived but expanded their network of reasoned links with other aspects of my overall thesis. In other words, each new effort at critique has revealed more arguments in my favor. But of course, one must always be prepared for the smoking gun which can blow a life's work to smithereens. In any case, my contribution should only survive if it tells us something new, and valuable, about Wagner, and if it doesn't it deserves its place in the dustbin of history. But I have confidence it will survive. Let's see what happens.

Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to learning specifically what you find right, or wrong, among my arguments. Thank you again for taking the time to survey my work. By now it will be obvious to you that earlier parts of my book raise dozens of questions which tend to be answered only later in my book. For this reason I hope that those who venture to read it will read it through to the end. There are alot of surprises in store.

Your friend from Wagnerheim,