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A Spring renewal of the wagnerheim discussion forum

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:48 am
by alberich00
Dear long-suffering, patient members of the discussion forum:

After a long, sad delay, I am finally able to return to our discussion forum. Liquidating my deceased brother's (11/24/11) property, and dealing with his personal affairs and debts, along with inheriting the role of sole caregiver to my nearly 91 year old mother, and having to entirely take over running her home and affairs, while holding down a part-time job, has knocked the wind out of me, until now. And let me add that I've been nursing an unusual medical condition, Atypical Post-Herpetic Trigeminal Neuralgia, the consequence of a strange virus contracted in 1987, which damaged the trigeminal nerves in my forehead, eye orbits, and cheek bones, which makes me feel as if I'm suffering from a vicious sinus infection 24 hours per day, all year. During the past 3 years or so, it has gotten considerably worse, and has hampered my ability to concentrate and spend long hours at the computer. I have no income now (see below), and no health insurance, so there it is.

However, the good news (of sorts) is that within a few days I will have completely resolved my deceased brother's remaining issues, and will have new peace of mind in having obtained my mother's acquiescence in taking over running her home and affairs. My mother's increasing fragility has also compelled me to quit my part-time job, so I'm now without an income, but for the time being can draw upon her fixed income to maintain us in our home. Since I will now be remaining at home with her 24/7, whatever time is left over from her care will be devoted now, exclusively, to, and also to my effort to complete a much briefer and more accessible version of "The Wound That Will Never Heal," my book about Wagner's "Ring," for potential publication.

In order to gently transition back into the proper frame of mind and mood for pursuing the reduction of my book to a more accessible, briefer version for publication in hard-copy, in a few days I will start posting, periodically, an edited version of my lengthy critical review of Mark Berry's "Treacherous Bonds and Laughing Fire" (2006). This will provide an interesting foil for comparison between Berry's views and my own, and will help me sharpen my wits for a return to my long-delayed project of producing a readable version of my "Ring" study. At some point in the future I will, of course, write a second volume describing the implications of my "Ring" study for our understanding of Wagner's other canonical operas and music dramas, from "The Flying Dutchman" to "Parsifal."

Thank you for your patience. I hope my future postings will offer due recompense.

Your long-exiled friend from wagnerheim,

Paul Heise

Re: A Spring renewal of the wagnerheim discussion forum

Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:19 pm
by feuerzauber

I was on the point of rushing out of the house when, by chance, I caught your "Spring Renewal" posting.

O höchtes Wunder!

A quick heartfelt reply...

Welcome home.