Complete list of my Library of Congress Copyrights

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Complete list of my Library of Congress Copyrights

Post by alberich00 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:35 pm

Hello, Intrepid Discussion Forum members:

Over the years, various folks have expressed their curiosity about the entire history of my development of my allegorical reading of Wagner's "Ring" and of his other canonical romantic operas and revolutionary music-dramas. After copyrighting one version (2008) (among several prior ones, and two more recent revisions) of the part of my book "The Wound That Will Never Heal" which embraces Wagner's "Ring" (the most recent revision being the one posted on this website), I downloaded the entire list of my essays and book-length studies which I've copyrighted over the years at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC., and archived there. Should anyone ever wish to scan my paper trail, I list below in chronological order, from oldest to most recent, all of my copyrighted works. All without exception are attempts to strengthen my interpretation of Wagner's seven canonical operas and music-dramas.

(1) [1981] "In Dedication to Claude Levi-Strauss: the significance of Richard Wagner" [TX0000831157] [Note: hand-delivered to Claude Levi-Strauss's secretary
at his office in the College de France, in 9/1981]

(2) [1983] "Doctrine of the Ring" [TXu000140916] [Note: Hand-delivered to the following scholars (among others) who presented papers at WAGNER IN
RETROSPECT - A CENTENNIAL REAPPRAISAL at the Univ. of Illinois, Chicago campus, in 11/83: A. Warren Darcy; B. Andrew Gray; C. Robert Gutman;
D. Owen Lee; E. Jean-Jacques Nattiez; F. Andrew Porter; G. Bernice Rosenthal; H. Hans Rudolf Vaget; I. Wolf Siegfried Wagner; J. Marc Weiner]

(3) [1984] "Introduction to 'I am the World: in quest of the metaphysical motive underlying Richard Wagner's late operas' " [TXu000175250]

(4) [1985] "Prolegomenon to 'Then, I Myself am the World: in quest of the metaphysical motive underlying Richard Wagner's late operas' " [TXu000186561]

(5) [1990] "Letter to Bryan Magee with notes on his books 'Aspects of Wagner' and 'The Philosophy of Schopenhauer' " [TXu000404337]

(6) [1990] "Letter to Bryan Magee (12/12/89) with notes on Richard Wagner's 'Rhinegold' " [TXu000399464]

(7) [1992] "Notes on 'The Flying Hollander,' 'Tannhaeuser,' and "Lohengrin' from 1990 through spring of 1991 [TXu000541862]

(8) [1992] "Correspondence of Paul Heise and Tim Fisher: winter 1991 - June 1992" [TXu000527347]

(9) [1992] "Materials sent to Stewart Spencer and Barry Millington on 9/18/92" [TXu000541863]

(10) [1994] "How Elsa Showed Wagner the Way to Siegfried": Pt. 1, Elsa [TXu000614075]

(11) [1996] "Alberich's Ring": Vol. 1 [TXu000723509]

(12) [1996] "Alberich's Ring: Vol. 2, 'The Rhinegold': scenes 3 and 4. [TXu000735683]

(13) [1996] "Alberich's Ring: an interpretation of Wagner's 'The Ring of the Nibelung' for a new millennium [TXu000735683] [TXu000770038]
[Note: The version of "Alberich's Ring," which was my complete study of all four scenes of "The Rhinegold," was copyrighted at the Library of
Congress and archived under TXu000770038. This version I distributed by mail to the following scholars, among others, in 1996: A. Carolyn Abbate;
B. Dieter Borchmeyer; C. John Deathridge; D. Walter Lippincott (at that time Director of Princeton Univ. Press); E. Barry Millington;
F. Jean-Jacques Nattiez; G. Stewart Spencer; H. Michael Tanner; I. Peter Wapnewski; etc.

(14) [2003] "The Wound That Will Never Heal" [TXu001119996]

(15) [2003] "The Wound That Will Never Heal" [TXu001120062]

(16) [2003] "First Drafts of 'The Wound That Will Never Heal': chapters two, three, and four, covering Richard Wagner's music dramas 'The Valkyrie,' 'Siegfried,' and 'Twilight of the Gods,' parts two, three, and four of 'The Ring of the Nibelung' " [TXu001148988]

(17) [2004] " 'The Wound That Will Never Heal' Chapter Four" [TXu001155172]

(18) [2005] "Three Essays of Introduction to 'The Wound That Will Never Heal' " [TXu000527347]

(19) [2006] "Critical Chronological Anthology of passages from Richard Wagner's writings and recorded remarks (in English translation)" [TXu00124647]

(20) [2008] "The Wound That Will Never Heal" [TXu001613070]

Note: I have also delivered a series of lectures presenting my various hypotheses re the conceptual unity of the "Ring" and of Wagner's other canonical operas and music-dramas, to the Philosophy, Music, and Germanic Studies departments of the Univ. of Texas at Austin, and to the following Wagner Societies: A. The Wagner Society of New York; B. The Wagner Society of Washington, DC; C. The Washington National Wagner Society; The Richard Wagner Society of Florida; The Wagner Society of Dallas, Texas; and the Wagner Society of Boston
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