Alex Ross on the 'microlude' from Valkyrie Act 2 Sc 1

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Alex Ross on the 'microlude' from Valkyrie Act 2 Sc 1

Post by alberich00 » Thu May 23, 2013 10:53 am

Dear members and visitors:

You will not find a greater appreciation of Wagner's genius as a music-dramatist than Alex Ross's 2011 commentary on the orchestral microlude which follows Wotan's hopeless offer of his oath to Fricka to sacrifice his beloved son Siegmund to his own laws in "The Valkyrie" Act 2, Scene 1 (at the end during the transition to Scene 2). You can find a link to it in Mr. Ross's RW birthday message in his blog "The Rest is Noise." But to go straight to it, here's the direct link: ... -ring.html. Wintersturmer and I invite members of the discussion forum (and invite visitors to join so they can participate as members) to offer their thoughts about this microlude's significance within the "Ring" drama, and whether it has any subtle motival associations or is rather just highly expressive music. I wholly concur with virtually everything Mr. Ross and those he interviewed say about it: it captures a whole universe of meaning in the shortest space/time. It feels to me like painful, reluctant resignation.

Your friend from Wagnerheim,

Paul Heise alias Alberich00
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Re: Alex Ross on the 'microlude' from Valkyrie Act 2 Sc 1

Post by Martin Kirschen » Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:01 pm

Yes Alex Ross, I vividly recall your writing on this in the New Yorker magazine. Certainly the quiet powerfulness of this short interlude fits beautifully following the Fricka - Wotan interaction. I have often wanted to stage a readers theater of the scene from Die Walküre. Thank you very much. Martin Kirschen
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