Revised Upload of Jochum's 1949 Munich Meistersinger

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Revised Upload of Jochum's 1949 Munich Meistersinger

Post by Bill H. » Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:13 am

Wagner: Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

Live recording from the
Bayerische Staatsoper, München
December 10, 1949

Hans Sachs---Hans Hotter
Walther von Stolzing----Günther Treptow
Eva----Annelies Kupper
Magdalene---Ruth Michaelis
David---Paul Kuen
Veit Pogner---Max Proebstl
Kunz Vogelgesang---Franz Klarwein
Konrad Nachtigall---Karl Hoppe
Sixtus Beckmesser---Benno Kusche
Fritz Kothner----Egmont Koch
Balthasar Zorn---Karl Mücke
Ulrich Eißlinger---Hans Kern
Augustin Moser---Karl Mösch
Hermann Ortel----Fritz Richard Bender
Hans Schwarz----Walter Bracht
Hans Foltz----Rudolf Wünzer
Ein Nachtwächter----Fritz Richard Bender

Chor und Orchester der Bayerischen Staatsoper,
Conductor: Eugen Jochum

Apparently out of print now, the fame of this performance is that it is Hans Hotter's first as Sachs in his native language (according to his memoirs, he had performed the role previously in London a year or so earlier, but in English!). It is also his cleanest performance available sound-wise, far surpassing the available sound of his 1956 Bayreuth performance, and acknowledged to have much better conducting here by Jochum.

The recording also features an early performance by Benno Kusche in his signature role as Beckmesser, and Paul Kuen who in a few years after this David gained further fame at Bayreuth as Mime. Kupper's Eva has come in for some variable reviews across the 'net, but Treptow's Walther has been acknowledged as a stronger performance than his studio version made the year after, under Knappertsbusch.

The source recording of this performance mostly consists of a digital copy of a first-generation analog tape, made directly from the Bavarian Radio's own master tape. Many thanks to Tim Lockley at the University of Warwick for his help in obtaining the master tape copy!

There were some sections near the beginning of the Prelude and in Act III that suffer from distortion and breakup of the sound in the master tape copy. This was alleviated by inserting clean sections from the same performance, using an older commercial CD release. The inserted sections were re-equalized to audibly match the master tape copy as much as possible, before a second re-equalization and ambience were applied to come up with the present version. There are still a couple of brief damaged/distorted passages about halfway in Act III which could not be fixed, because all previous versions I could locate of this performance have the same fault.

I had posted a previous version of this recording last year, available only through limited email notifications. This is a newly revised version, with a slightly different equalization, and with a different set of track splits across the audio CD version.

This link will take you to a folder that has versions in both long mp3 (one file per Act) and mp3s that are split into tracks for burning onto 4 audio CDs. Both zipped files are about 600 Mb in size. ... sp=sharing
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Re: Revised Upload of Jochum's 1949 Munich Meistersinger

Post by alberich00 » Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:00 pm

As always, Bill, we Wagnerians can never thank you enough for your invaluable service in preserving for us, and presenting in the best possible version, great historic recordings of RW's masterpieces.

After a long delay I expect finally to post, soon, my thumbnail reviews of most of the talks presented at the Wagner Bicentennial Symposium sponsored by the Univ. of South Carolina this past winter. Duties re my ailing mother (including typing up and editing her memoirs while she's still able to work with me on them) have occupied almost all my time since the beginning of this year, but nonetheless I should be able to re-engage with the discussion forum soon, due partly to hiring a part-time home health care worker.
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