Academica Press is publishing my book on Wagner's "Ring" on 9/1/2021

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Academica Press is publishing my book on Wagner's "Ring" on 9/1/2021

Post by alberich00 » Tue Aug 10, 2021 3:37 pm

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Academica Press will be publishing my revision of my online allegorical interpretation of Wagner's Ring which has been been posted on this website (over 1,000 pages) since 2011, as The Wound That Will Never Heal (just over 600 pages) on 9/1/2021. It's available from most online booksellers including from Academica Press.

It includes my revised list of the Ring's musical motifs. Allen Dunning's list I've been using at for 10 years includes 177 motifs (motif #178 is redundant). In my revised list, I've omitted about 7 of Dunning's original motifs since they're not true motifs, and added 23. Dunning has provided me with the musical notation for these newly added motifs, but didn't provide computer-generated sound files like those he created that I employed at, so I'm hoping to interest someone with the expertise to convert the musical notation of these 23 motifs into realistic sounding versions based on their presentation in the Ring score. With sound files for these 23 motifs in hand, later (when I can afford to) I'll get the webmeister for to work with me to update to incorporate these new motifs and their sound files, including embedding them in the passages of Ring libretto I've quoted at all those points where they occur in the score in relation to the libretto. Anyone who has the skill and interest to produce sound files for the 23 new motifs I wish to add to Dunning's original list of 177 (minus about 7 from his list which I don't recognize as true motifs), let me know, and I'll email you the musical notation for these 23 motifs:


So, it's finally happened, friends and neighbors. My half-century of research into Wagner's Ring and his other canonic operas and music-dramas will soon be in print and for sale. Every person on earth who loves RW's Ring really needs to have a copy. It is the most thorough assessment of the Ring's libretto and employment of musical motifs to enhance its meaning in the literature, and the only detailed study which successfully posits a unified, coherent allegorical reading of the entire text and all of its music. It also assesses the importance of Wagner's writings and recorded remarks for grasping his operas and music-dramas more thoroughly than any other study. It will be a lifetime resource for anyone wishing to better understand the Ring and to plumb its mysteries (supplemented of course by all the extra documentary material here at Please buy it and tell all your fellow Wagnerians to do the same and to tell all their friends and neighbors to do the same, etc., etc.
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