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The Ring of the Nibelung
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  • [V.1.2: B] Answering Sieglinde's question as to how he lost his weapons, Siegmund tells how he  futilely tried to save a girl from being forced into a loveless marriage by her family, and how he was forced  to kill her brothers to defend her. She died (#69) shedding staunchless tears over them. Siegmund: (#70) Now you know why I'm not named "Peaceful." (#71) Discovering Siegmund is his enemy (her dead brothers were Hunding's relatives), Hunding says he will fight him tomorrow.  Sieglinde secretly drugs Hunding's night-drink, and subtly draws Siegmund's attention to a spot (#57) on Hunding's  house-tree (its central pillar) which supports Hunding's hut.    302-306 


The Valkyrie: Act One, Scene Three   307-320 

[V.1.3] Hunding's hut: Siegmund and Sieglinde   307-320

  • [V.1.3: A] Sieglinde shows Siegmund the sword (#57) an old man left in Hunding's house-tree. Sieglinde: Only the strongest was destined to win it. (#72) Sieglinde tells how an  old one-eyed man plunged this sword into the tree-pillar supporting Hunding's hut on the day of her loveless marriage to Hunding, and no guest could withdraw it.   307-309

  • [V.1.3: B] [Waelsung twins’ love-duet:] Siegmund: (#73) Winterstorms make way for spring. (#75) United are Love and Spring. (#74) O sweetest delight,  most blessed of women.  309-311

  • [V.1.3: C] Sieglinde:  A Wonder tells me I've seen you before. Siegmund: (#76) A dream of love tells me I've seen you before. The Waelsungs discover they are long-lost twins.   311-313

  • [V.1.3: D] Siegmund: (#18) Highest need of holiest love. Siegmund wrenches Nothung from the tree, embracing his sister-bride.   313-319

  • [V.1.3: E] The twin-pair run off: let the Waelsung blood flourish!  (#76)  319-320


The Valkyrie: Act Two  321-416

The Valkyrie: Act Two, Scene One  321-338

[V.2.1] A mountain pass: Wotan, Bruennhilde, and Fricka   321-338

  • [V.2.1: A] Bruennhilde (#77)  warns her father  Wotan that his wife Fricka is coming, looking for trouble. Bruennhilde  gives  her  war-cry (#78). Fricka prepares to confront Wotan over the Waelsungs, as Wotan complains to himself about this (#79) "same  old storm" he has to face.   321-324

  • [V.2.1: B] Fricka indicts the Waelsungs’ adultery: Wotan praises its authenticity.  324-325

  • [V.2.1: C] Fricka indicts the Waelsungs’ incest: Wotan praises its originality.  325-326

  • [V.2.1: D] Fricka: the Waelsungs’ illicit love, and your adultery, harms the gods. But why complain  to you of  broken marriage vows, (#80) when  you were the  first to infringe them!  326-328

  • [V.2.1: E] Fricka indicts Wotan’s adultery with Erda & the Waelsungs' mother.  329

  • [V.2.1: F] Wotan: the gods need a free hero; Fricka: mortals are unfree, and  your son  Siegmund's alleged independence is merely a  product of your personal intervention in his behalf. Wotan (#81) reflects on this with increasing despair, as  he gradually concedes her point.  329-334

  • [V.2.1: G] Fricka wins: Wotan, forced to admit Siegmund is unfree, abandons him to the vengeance of  Fricka's favorite, Hunding.  335-338

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