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The Ring of the Nibelung
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Twilight of the Gods: Act Three      921-1,006

Twilight of the Gods: Act Three, Scene One       921-938

[T.3.1] A bank alongside the Rhine: the Rhinedaughters and Siegfried      921-938

  • [T.3.1: A] Following  a  fanfare of horncalls, #103, #170, and #171, we come full circle with the playing of the original #1 canon with which the Ring began. This is followed by the Rhinedaughters' new lament for their lost gold, (#174), which they sing as they wistfully dance and splash (#175) in the Rhine. They  ask the sun-goddess to send them the hero who may give them back their gold. Siegfried's horncall is heard (#103). Woglinde: (#176) I can  hear his horn.  Wellgunde: (#176) The hero's  approaching. Siegfried appears, (#176) complaining that an elf distracted him, making him lose  his game.  Siegfried: (to the Rhinedaughters) (#176) Did you spirit away the shaggy fellow who disappeared from my sight? If he's  your lover, I gladly leave him to you.   921-925 

  • [T.3.1: B] Woglinde: (#176) What will you give us if we give you your game? Wellgunde:  (#17/#19) How about your Ring? All three: (#37) Give that to us! Siegfried: I slew a dragon for it: a bad  exchange  for a mangy bearskin! The Rhinedaughters mockingly call him a cheapskate.    925-927

  • [T.3.1: C] Playfully, (#176) Siegfried says he can’t let himself be so abused, and offers them the  Ring after all. Perversely, they  insist on telling him about its curse first, so he'll be thankful they took it.  Siegfried will die today (#59a/#41) unless he gives them the  Ring to dissolve in the  Rhine. (#59c/#2) Its floodtide alone can atone for the curse.    928-930

  • [T.3.1: D] Siegfried (#54) is angry they’ve employed flattery and threats to persuade him to part with it.  Rhinedaughters:  (#54) Avoid the curse! The  Norns wove the curse (#19; #3 diminished inversion) into their rope of primal  law [Fate]. Siegfried: I fear no curse: I'll cut their rope. A serpent once  warned me against the curse, (#37) but didn't teach me fear. I'd  give  you the Ring for love's  sake, but never  for the  world's inheritance or due to fear! (#45) For life and limb, (#19 Variant) thus do I fling them away (as he flings a clod of earth behind him)!     930-935

  • [T.3.1: E] Rhinedaughters: (#175) Flee the fool! He thinks he’s strong, but he’s blind! Swears oaths and  ignores them! Knows  runes but doesn't heed  them! (#149/#174) Was  granted a gift he cast away!  (#176) That he cast it away he doesn't know. (#176) The Ring alone, which  slays him, he keeps! Bruennhilde will listen better. (#174) To her!  Hunting horns  heard approaching: #51, #171, #103. Hagen: (#170) Hoiho! Siegfried starts up from his reverie and answers the call with his horn: #103. 936-938 


Twilight of the Gods: Act Three, Scene Two       939-970

[T.3.2] A bank alongside the Rhine: Siegfried, Hagen, Gunther, and the Gibichung Vassals     939-970         

  • [T.3.2: A] Hagen: At last we found where you fled [the Rhine]! Siegfried: Come below! (#174) It's cool and refreshing here! Hagen: Let's prepare a meal. Hand round the wineskins. (#126a) Wineskins and  drinking horns are produced. All settle down. Hagen: Tell us the wonders that you hunted  down. Siegfried: Three waterbirds sang that (#170/#164) I'll be slain today!    939-942

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