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The Ring of the Nibelung
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(#7 basis of #86)

[See #6 for #7’s dramatic context]



[[#8]] Wellgunde mockingly leads Alberich on

The egoistic cruelty and exclusivity of what is called love

(#8 in same family as #23, #93, and #149)


[Woglinde has been leading Alberich on, while mocking his futile efforts to catch her, when Wellgunde draws his attention away.]


“Wellgunde and Flosshilde: (Laughing) HaHaHaHaHaHa!


(…) Alberich: [to Woglinde] Wait, you false creature! (He tries to clamber up after her)


"Wellgunde [to Alberich]: [[ #8 ]] Hey, my sweetheart! Can you not hear me?


Alberich: Are you calling to me? (…) Entwine your slender arms around me that, teasingly, I may touch your neck and with fawning fervour nestle up to your heaving breast.


Wellgunde: If you’re in love and lusting for love’s delights, let’s see, my beauty, just what you are like! (#41 Embryo) Ugh! You hairy, hunchbacked fool! Brimstone-black and blistered dwarf! Look for a lover who looks like yourself!”


[[#9]] Alberich's desperation to win a Rhinedaughter

(#9’s motival links – if any - not yet ascertained)

"Alberich: [[ #9 ]] In every limb a blazing fire rages and glows. Rage and desire, wild and all-powerful, throw my mind into turmoil! Though you may laugh and lie, lusting, I languish after you, and one of you must yield to me.”





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