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The Ring of the Nibelung
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[[#20abcde]] “Valhalla” (the Gods’ heavenly abode)

The Gods' heavenly abode, a refuge from Alberich's Host of Night: A symbol for human civilization predicated on religious faith, the belief in gods, a waking dream through which collective, historical man involuntarily and unconsciously invented the gods.

(#20a based on #19ab, which in turn is produced by #17ab, derived in its turn by a transformation of music characteristic of the Rhinedaughters’ joy; #20b may be basis for #113; related through its basis #19 to all the #19-based motifs such as #46, #50, #51, #68, and #159)

[See #19 for #20a’s initial dramatic context]


“(Wotan and Fricka asleep. The castle is now fully visible. Fricka wakes up: her eye falls on the castle.)


Fricka: (alarmed) Wotan, husband! Awake!


Wotan: (still dreaming: #19?) The happy hall of delight is guarded by door and gate. (#20b?) Manhood’s honor, (#20c?) boundless might redound to endless renown!


Fricka: (shaking him) Awake from the blissful deception of dreams! [[ #21 Embryo ]] Husband, wake up and reflect!


"Wotan: (waking and raising himself a little: his gaze is at once arrested by the sight of the castle) [[ #20a ]] The everlasting work is ended! On mountain peak, the gods' abode; resplendent shines the proud-standing hall! As in my dream I conceived it, just as my will decreed it, [[ #20b ]] sturdy and fair [[ #20c ]] it stands on show, [[ #20d ]] august and glorious building!


Fricka: You feel only joy at what fills me with dread? [Fricka describes her fear for Freia] [[ #21 Embryo ]] The fortress is finished, the forfeit is due: (#26a Embryo) have you forgot what you gave away?


Wotan: Well I remember what they demanded who built the stronghold for me there; [[ #21 Embryo ]] through a contract I tamed their forward breed, bidding them build the lordly hall. [[ #21 Embryo ]] It stands there – thanks to the giants – as for the payment, give it no thought.”



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