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The Ring of the Nibelung
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[See #24 for #25’s dramatic context]



[[#26ab]] “Giants”

Man’s egoistic animal instincts of desire (Fasolt), and self-preservation or fear (Fafner)

(#26ab basis of #126)

“Fricka: [to Freia] All who betrayed you in evil alliance have fled to save their skins.


([[ #26a ]]: Enter Fasolt and Fafner, both of gigantic stature and armed with stout staves.)


Fasolt: [to Wotan and the gods]: [[ #21 ]] Gentle slumber sealed your eyes: we both, unsleeping, built the stronghold. [[ #26b ]] Never tiring of mighty toil, we stowed the heavy stones away ... ."


[[#27]] Fasolt’s suspicion the gods will break the contracts by virtue of which they rule

Commonly known as the “Irrevocable Law Motif”

(#27 basis of #36, #44, #101, and #116)

“Wotan: Freia isn’t for sale.


Fasolt: (momentarily speechless, in utter consternation: #21 Vari) (…) You’re plotting betrayal? Betrayal of our agreement? (#21 [plus pulses]) The runes of well-considered contract, safeguarded by your spear, are they no more than sport to you?


Fafner: (#33b Embryo) Most trusty brother, you see their deception, you fool?


"Fasolt: [to Wotan] Son of light, lightly swayed, [[ #27 ]] listen and beware: keep faith with your contracts! (#21 Vari plus pulses - #115 Embryo?) What you are you are through contracts alone. Your power, mark me well, is bound by sworn agreements. Though you are wiser than we in our wits, you bound us freemen to keep the peace: I’ll curse all your wisdom, fly away from your close [[ #28 ]] if, if openly, fairly, and freely, you cannot keep faith with your contracts."

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