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The Ring of the Nibelung
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Richard Wagner's Writings and Recorded  Remarks

  • BB            The Diary of Richard Wagner: The Brown Book - 1863-1882: Presented and annotated by Joachim Bergfeld, and translated by G. Bird

  • CD          Cosima Wagner’s Diaries: two volumes ed. By Martin Gregor-Dellin and Dietrich Mack, and      translated by Geoffrey Skelton

  • CWL        Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt. Trans. by Francis Hueffer. Originally published by Charles Scribner’s Sons in 1897.

  • ML           Wagner’s autobiography My Life: Edited by Mary Whittall and translated by Andrew Gray

  • PW           Richard Wagner’s Prose Works: eight volumes translated by Ashton Ellis

  • RWMW    Richard Wagner’s Letters to Mathilde Wesendonck: translated by Ashton Ellis

  • SLRW     Selected Letters of Richard Wagner: a chronological anthology of Wagner’s letters translated and edited by Stewart Spencer and Barry Millington

  • WRR      Wagner Rehearsing the ‘Ring: Heinrich Porges’ record of Wagner’s comments during the rehearsals for the 1876 premier of The Ring of the Nibelung at Bayreuth.

  • WR        Wagner Remembered: translated and edited by Stewart Spencer. An anthology of reminiscences of  Wagner by those who knew him.

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