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The Rhinegold: Page 133
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The Rhinegold: Scene Two - On a meadow outside Valhalla: Wotan, Fricka, Freia, Froh, Donner, Fasolt, Fafner, and Loge

[R.2: A]

During the orchestral transition from R.1 to R.2, one of the most momentous musical events of the Ring has transpired, the gradual transformation of the Ring Motif #19 into the first segment of the new Valhalla Motif, #20a: The gods Wotan and Fricka have evidently slept in an open meadow beneath the mountain on which the Giants have been building their heavenly abode Valhalla, during the entire time of its construction:

(In the growing light of the dawning day a castle with glittering battlements can be seen standing on a rocky summit in the background; between it and the front of the stage a deep valley must be imagined, with the river rhine flowing through it. Wotan and Fricka asleep. The castle is now fully visible. Fricka wakes up: her eye falls on the castle.)

Fricka: (alarmed) Wotan, husband! Awake!

Wotan: (still dreaming) (#19:) The happy hall of delight is guarded by door and gate (:#19(#20b?:)Manhood’s honor (:#20b?), (#20c?:) boundless might redound to endless renown (:#20c?)!

Fricka: (shaking him) Awake from the blissful deception of dreams! [[ #21 embryo: ]] Husband, wake up and reflect (:#21 embryo)!

Wotan: (Waking and raising himself a little: his gaze is at once arrested by the sight of the castle) [[ #20a: ]] The everlasting work is ended (:#20a)! (…) On mountain peak the gods’ abode; resplendent shines the proud-standing hall! As in my dream I conceived it, just as my will decreed it, [[ #20b: ]] sturdy and fair (:#20b) [[ #20c: ]] it stands on show (:#20c), [[ #20d: ]] august and glorious building (:#20d)!

Fricka: You feel only joy at what fills me with dread? [Fricka says she fears for Freia] [[ #21 embryo: ]] The fortress is finished, the forfeit is due (:#21 embryo): [[ #26a embryo: ]] have you forgot what you gave away (:#26a embryo)?

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