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The Ring of the Nibelung
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to produce this phenomenon, step by step. But even if one discounts time and space, he says, it has always been thus.” [970W-{7/13/79} CD Vol. II, p. 339]


[971W-{7/14/79}Letter to Constantin Frantz: SLRW, p. 893-894]

[P. 893] {anti-FEUER/NIET} {SCHOP} “You locate the realm of history in the sphere of man’s ‘free will’, whereas I can see the [P. 894] freedom of the will only in the act of denying the world, i.e. in the advent of the ‘kingdom of grace’. If the realm of history were to offer us anything other than the workings of an arbitrary despotism – which certainly does not mean freedom of the will, but rather the will’s subjection to blind self-interest --, it would be most surprising if, for ex., ideas like yours had no influence whatsoever on the course of history.” [971W-{7/14/79}Letter to Constantin Frantz: SLRW, p. 893-894]


[972W-{7/14/79}Letter to Constantin Frantz: SLRW, p. 894]

[P. 894] {FEUER} {anti-FEUER/NIET} {SCHOP} “The reasons for the Reformation’s lack of achievement and its frailty could be found, with a greater feeling of regret, in Austrian politics, for ex., just as the decline or decay of Spain, Italy and, in a certain sense, even France could have been shown to derive quite clearly from the fact that the Inquisition and other forms of persecuting heretics completely wiped out the country’s most talented and capable individuals (as the Huguenots certainly were in France).” [972W-{7/14/79}Letter to Constantin Frantz: SLRW, p. 894]


[973W-{7/14/79}Letter to Constantin Frantz: SLRW, p. 895]

[P. 895] {anti-FEUER/NIET} “Let us leave Darwinism alone: I believe little can be achieved here on the basis of feeling. Man evidently begins to exist with the entry of lying (cunning, dissimulation) into the powerful series of the development of beings … .” [973W-{7/14/79}Letter to Constantin Frantz: SLRW, p. 895]


[974W-{8/8/79}CD Vol. II, p. 351]

[P. 351] {FEUER} {SCHOP} “He started on the Bible today and cannot get over his astonishment that in England and elsewhere this story of the Creation is still the basis of religious instruction; all the same, the sense of sin through knowledge is a fine one.” [974W-{8/8/79}CD Vol. II, p. 351]


[975W-{8/16/79}CD Vol. II, p. 355]

[P. 355] {FEUER} “I read aloud a little from Nohl’s Beethoven, R. objecting to the bringing together of ‘Fidelio’ and the real-life love episode: ‘I shall have to write something one day about the manner in which the life of the spirit goes its own way and has nothing to do with actual experiences – indeed it is, rather, the things one does not find which provide the images.’ “ [975W-{8/16/79}CD Vol. II, p. 355]



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