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The Ring of the Nibelung
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[1078W-{3/8/81}CD Vol. II, p. 637]

[P. 637] “Over coffee discussed with Dr. Landgraf the question of the Boers, the German Reich’s attitude toward them when they asked for protection: ‘Then I will join in, and at the same time put my signature to your anti-Jewish campaign.’ ” [1078W-{3/8/81}CD Vol. II, p. 637]


[1079W-{3/14/81} CD Vol. II, p. 640]

[P. 640] “He replies on a postcard to an appeal from an anti-Jewish newspaper – does not wish to have anything to do with this affair, or indeed with the German Reich at all, after its behavior in the vivisection matter.” [1079W-{3/14/81} CD Vol. II, p. 640]


[1080W-{3/20/81}CD Vol. II, p. 643]

[P. 643] {FEUER} “And he pictures to himself the birth of the universe, some central sun which begins to revolve, out of desire, no, out of fear, and how this agitation born of fear was everywhere, and everything a matter of indifference until one gave things a moral significance.” [1080W-{3/20/81}CD Vol. II, p. 643]


[1081W-{3/21/81} CD Vol. II, p. 644]

[P. 644] “He regrets that his texts have not been discussed from a somewhat wider point of view – the ‘Ring,’ for example, in relation to the significance of gold and the downfall of a race caused by it … .” [1081W-{3/21/81} CD Vol. II, p. 644]


[1082W-{5/3/81}CD Vol. II, p. 662]

[P. 662] “First act ‘Siegfried.’ Mime ‘a Jewish dwarf,’ R. says, but excellent … .” [1082W-{5/3/81}CD Vol. II, p. 662]


[1083W-{5/16/81}Letter to King Ludwig II of Bavaria: SLRW, p. 914]

[P. 914] “It is without doubt the Aryan race’s most characteristic work of art: no nation on earth could be so clearly conscious of its origins and predisposition than this one tribe from Upper Asia, a tribe which was the last to enter European culture and which until that time had retained its purity better than all the other white races. One could well feel hope on witnessing the success of such a work in our midst!“ [1083W-{5/16/81}Letter to King Ludwig II of Bavaria: SLRW, p. 914]


[1084W-{6/18/81} CD Vol. II, p. 678]

[P. 678] {anti-FEUER/NIET} “Over coffee our conversation turns to the saints, and R. gets heated about the idea, so common nowadays, that they are virtuous in the hope, as it were, of future profit.” [1084W-{6/18/81} CD Vol. II, p. 678]

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