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The Valkyrie: Page 299
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The Valkyrie: Act One, Scene Two - Hunding's hut: Siegmund, Sieglinde, and Hunding

[V.1.2: A]

Sieglinde’s gruff, authoritarian husband Hunding now enters his home, suspicious of the strange new guest Siegmund:

[Sieglinde hears Hunding coming home and lets him in.]


([[ #67: ]] Hunding, armed with shield and spear, enters and stops in the doorway on noticing Siegmund. Hunding turns to Sieglinde with an expression of stern inquiry.) (…)


Sieglinde: Faint by the hearth I found this man: need [“Noth”] has brought him to our house. (#62)


Hunding: You tended him?


Sieglinde: (calmly) His lips I moistened, I cared for him as any host would.


Siegmund: (observing Hunding calmly and resolutely) for shelter and drink I have to thank her: would you chide your wife for that?


Hunding: [[ #68 voc: ]] Sacred is my hearth: - may my house be sacred to you (:#68)![Hunding orders Sieglinde to prepare a meal, which she does.]


(Involuntarily she stares at Siegmund again. Hunding examines Siegmund’s features closely and with surprise, comparing them with those of his wife. (#67? [not #26a?]; #63; #40 or #64?)


Hunding: (aside) How like the woman he looks! The selfsame glittering serpent is glinting in his eye, too. (#21 vari on bass clarinet?: He conceals his dismay and turns to Siegmund as though quite naturally. #62?; #67?) Far indeed have you fared on your way; no horse rode he who found rest here: what impassable pathways caused you pain?

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