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The Valkyrie: Page 336
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Wotan: (breaking out in a violent inner struggle: #81) I cannot kill him: he found my sword! (#57)


Fricka: (#94 embryo or #98?:) Withdraw its magic, let it break in his servile hands: let his enemy find him defenceless (:#94 embryo or #98?)!


(Bruennhilde’s call can be heard from the heights. #77:)


Bruennhilde: (…) (#78:) Hoyotoho (:#78)!


Fricka: Here comes your valiant maid … ! (…)


Wotan: I called her to horse for Siegmund!


(#77 [slowed down]: Bruennhilde appears with her horse on the mountain path on the left. On noticing Fricka, she stops abruptly and, throughout the following, leads her horse silently and slowly down the rocky path: there she stables it in a cave.)


Fricka: (#115 hint in pulsating triplets?, and #21 hint in slowly descending bass?:) Your eternal spouse’s sacred honour her shield must defend today: derided of men, deprived of our might, we gods would go to our ruin (:#115 hint?, and #21 hint?) were my rights not avenged, nobly and grandly, by your mettlesome maid today. – The Waelsung falls for my honour’s sake: (#21) will Wotan give me his oath?


Wotan: (throwing himself on a rocky seat in terrible dejection. #81) (#21 [broken up]) Take my oath!


(#53 hint on strings: Fricka strides towards the back of the stage: there she meets Bruennhilde and pauses for a moment before her.)


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