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The Valkyrie: Page 418
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Rossweise: If we’re all assembled, delay no longer: (#20a?:) to Valhalla let’s set out and bring the slain to Wotan (:#20a?).


Helmwige: We’re only eight: one is still missing.


Gerhilde: (#64?:) With the tawny Waelsung Bruennhilde must be delayed (:#64?).


Waltraute: We must wait for her here: the Lord of the Slain [“Walvater”] [does the root “wal” mean “slain,” or “choice” (as in “choose fate”), or “valor,” or “wala,”?] would give us a grim-hearted greeting, were he to see us approaching him without her!


Siegrune: (…) (#78:) Hojotoho! Hoyotoho! (…) This way! This way! (…)


(#77: At a furious pace Bruennhilde flies this way.)


The eight Valkyries: (…) (#78:) Hoyotoho! Hoyotoho! Bruennhilde! Hey (:#78)!

(They watch with growing astonishment. #83?:)


Waltraute: To the pinewood she steers the stumbling horse (:#83?) (…)


Rossweise: I never saw Valkyries flee so fast!


Ortlinde: What hangs from her saddle?


Helmwige: No hero it is (#83?).


Siegrune: (#40?:) She’s bringing a woman.


Gerhilde: Where did she find her (:#40?)?

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